Legia Warsaw at Villa Park and Feed the Yak!

I've been traveling since Sunday. Currently holed up in a hotel in Convent Garden and when I've written this post (Wednesday evening) and set it to publish on Thursday, I'll either be in the City of London or the West End. Is there a chance I'll be having a beer, I hope so!

And even though I had a cold on Sunday, the win really did make me feel better and I'm hoping tonight, the result will also make me feel better. There are few things, other than Whiskey and Lemsip, that can make me better with a cold, like Aston Villa winning can.

And yes, I've still got the cold, but I'm cracking on like a trooper and I quite fancy, with the home support that helps so often, we might be able to get a good result tonight.

And as things stand, I might be wrong here because I have a cold, but if we win tonight, we qualify out of the group. And that is something to be happy about if it happens. 

So, because I have a cold, this is your match post. But if anyone is in central London tonight watching the game, let me know where to go. If you're in London, I hear Feed the Yak! is the place to be, I just can't get there in time and have commitments after the game too.