Lewis PR, all about the clicks, Newcastle up next and smelling of roses

I admire people that can make something out of nothing and with nothing going on for a few days and with my views on all things Aston Villa pretty much written, I've had little to write about.

So this post is just getting written because the last post has nearly a thousand comments and it's taking a little time for the page to load, so what I'm doing today is scouring the internet and finding those things that are nothing and I'm congratulating the people that came up with it. Or I'm congratulating the people that just stroll on by not taking notice.

It's all about the clicks people

I'm never let down by the local media, so here goes with the first. This is something about Alan Hutton they've been sitting on for a day just like today. These guys could make shit smell like roses and they often do.

All PR is good PR right

Then there is this email I got from Lewis PR. It was addressed to Stuart and talking about a 'record breaking' transfer window for Aston Villa. I emailed him to tell him my name wasn't Stuart and that it wasn't a record breaking transfer window for Aston Villa, but he didn't have the courtesy to reply so I'm not taking out his name, but I am doing his job for him.

Lewis PR

Now you know about the deal with Turkish Airlines. I flew Turkish Airlines once and loads of the people on it got food poisoning so I'm not going out of my way to fly them again but I'm sure the players will be okay, when they travel to Istanbul. Great PR that Jack and next time think before hitting send.

Aston Villa v Newcastle

And with all that written, I'm going to try and make shit smell of roses, because in eight days we've got Newcastle at Villa Park and I'm desperate for the football to be back.

We've had a tough start to this season but now we've had a rest and a great opportunity for three points. I know this is very early, but a good result against Newcastle will show everyone else that this could be a good season for us.

And I know a Newcastle fan or three will read this and please don't take this the wrong way, but we should beat Newcastle. Newcastle at home has to be thought of as three points, if we're to be taken seriously that is.