Liverpool and the run in: Europe here we come Mr Faulkner

If you look at the current form table, we are 17th and if you think that means we are in a good place, think again. Only one of the sides that sit below us, as of today, is below us in that table and two of the others, Wigan and Bolton, are flying in the top half.

But why worry about the current form table I hear you ask. Well, for a simple reason; it matters. It matters, otherwise, why would someone have come up with it in the first place and why do we now have tables based on the last six and ten matches?

If you look at the current form table you'll also see Liverpool are second from bottom. Surely there hasn't been a better time to visit Anfield, especially with them only winning five times at home all season.

But form means nothing to our manager. He sees form and he upsets it. Sadly for other teams and sadly, for us, form for him him is a draw. We've drawn nearly double the games we've won this season and we've lost nearly as many as we've drawn and even though this is the best time to be going to Anfield for nearly 100 years (possible slight exaggeration), we already know what the result will not be.

Sure, we could get lucky. At the same time Andy Carroll could get three - which one of those two ridiculous thoughts are more likely? Think about is. This game can not come round quick enough for Liverpool and they know it. This is the game King Kenny needs and he'll be full of platitudes for his battling side on the Match of the Day cameras.

But the season doesn't end this weekend. We have seven matches after Saturday and we're going to hear some great things about each match as it approaches from the club PR department. Trust me, you'll read the phrase 'rallying cry' so often you'll start to actually believe it.

Remaining fixtures

  • Liverpool (A)
  • Stoke (H)
  • Manchester United (A)
  • Sunderland (H)
  • Bolton (H)
  • West Brom (A)
  • Spurs (H)
  • Norwich (A)

Take a look at those. We might not need to win any and we might be able to lose them all, but play safe and look for nine points. Tell me where we are going to get them.

The run in isn't about us anymore, it is about the teams below us and we have to hope that whatever form they think they have drops off and more than anything, we have to hope it doesn't come down to Norwich, because if it does, this manager will bottle it.

This manager has to go and that will only happen if you don't. Think about it. Change will come quickly if the club see the effect.