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Local press, Broken Stones, 90's pub and Hull

You spend hours, almost days fixing the site, updating code and server stuff and nobody comments. Nobody. Nobody says the homepage looks nice or have you see the video of the week section. Not even a mention about Aston Villa's greatest.

And it's one of those days where I'm thinking about finishing this post and heading to the pub and getting on one, like it was 1994. Why? Well, I see the manager or I should say I see a headline from the local press that says the manager is calling for fans to stick with them. It worries me when I see the comments from the weekend from some supporters, then I see the local press doing this.

The manager hasn't approached them and asked for this. The local press have asked the question and he's answered in a way that suits their agenda. Why, if they're local and want the best for all things local, do they do this?

Honestly, it's pub time for me. And yes, it sounds like I need it.

Broken Stones

And I don't know how this happened but I'm listening to Paul Weller. It's like I'm supposed to go to the pub. But before that, it's Hull at the weekend. We need to win this, but as long as we put in a shift, I'll be happy. If we put in a shift, it will come good more often than not.

I mean, have you read the new quote section on the homepage?

Isn't that all we ask for from the players ... to give it their all? If they do and they do what the manager tells them, we will win more than we lose and more than we draw. If they don't, then that is something else, but some of the rubbish I was reading after the match at the weekend made me feel quite ashamed.

Steady ship is needed now. And we need to win at the weekend. But I'll be happy if they put in a shift and look like they're knackered at full time but also secretly want to play for five more minutes. Now I've got to find a pub open in my town. It's going to be hard.


Before I go, don't forget to add your guess here to be in with a chance of winning lunch with Luke. I have a feeling it's going to be a good lunch. Don't ask me why I think that.