Long time coming, the British media and the FA Cup

So, what a week. Getting to the FA Cup final, the papers sitting on a photo of Jack Grealish until he made a name for himself and quite a lot of positivity around Aston Villa for a change.

And another apology from me for lack of updates but it's been a busy week, so I'm getting this post done as one of the last things I'm doing before I leave for the night for a day off tomorrow. And it's only one day off this week, before hitting the road again on Sunday. It's really not fun anymore.

But this is, sort of. And it will be a lot better if we win this weekend and you know what, all things considered, we could, even if it isn't going to be easy. In fact, even it we know it's going to be very hard, we go into this game believing we can.

Now, that doesn't mean we will and I'd be delighted with a point, but three points could make us very close to safe if results go our way.

But back to Jack

And there will be a post tomorrow for the match, so I'm going to leave Manchester City for now, so it's time to talk about Jack, because he is getting a lot of plaudits and rightly so. He doesn't remind me of a particular player but he reminds me of a type of player and it's the type that becomes a star, it's like he has it written all over him.

And that's maybe why the papers sat on that photo and as someone that's just turned 40 and has lived in a few countries, I've got no problem in writing that the British media are by far the worst in so many respects. But it's nice to sometimes stick two fingers up at them. And we can at the moment.

All about the final now

And this heading might be a little bit of a u-turn for me as you'll all know that I value staying in the Premier League over the winning the FA Cup, but football is about winning and it's about silverware. It's just we find ourselves in a very tricky place at the moment. But I do think we're safe. And because I think we're safe, I've got all eyes on May 30th.

And because of that and like the last time we made a final, if anyone is in London the day before and wants to meet up for a beer or two, I'll let you know closer to the time the name of the pub. But it's going to be good and you know what, it's only Arsenal.