Losing at Cardiff and a takeaway

I wrote before the Colchester match that we should play our strongest side in the League Cup, because if we won as I thought we would and we did, that it would have given the team that important first win, which let me be clear, is important.

We didn't play out strongest side and the mistake I think the manager made was in not playing more of the players that got us that win from the beginning.

And the performance yesterday was too much like a side that still doesn't know how to really play together. I put that down to it's still early in the season, because it's easy to do that and I still believe it will come good. But it will only come good when the manager drops Gabby and Green gets a proper run in the side.

You might think I'm making this too simple and maybe I am, but it's two games into the season. However the only reason Gabby is making any effort and most of us know this, is that it's the last year of his contract. Gabby is a charlatan.

The takeaway

So, rather than dissect the match and come to the same conclusions as everyone else, the takeaway I want to leave you with is that it is only the second game of the season. And yes, we're a way off where we want to be and yes, it would have been nice to win yesterday, but there is still eight games to go before we know what is going to happen.

And by that, I mean that ten games into the season we will know if we have a chance of promotion because we're either going to be top of the table or in the top six and within touching distance.

It's hard to write anything else. The result isn't what we wanted, but what are we going to do that isn't ridiculous?

The highlights