Luiz leaves, Maatsen joins and Southgate resigns as England manager (probably)

So one of the summers worst kept secrets was confirmed today. Douglas Luiz has joined Juventus. It's quite sad but I'm not as disappointed as maybe I should be. Although I do think he's going to get better.

I also think he could have got better with us, but needs must. There was interest and it made sense. Now he'll ply his trade in Italy and you never know, we might meet again next season. 

And before the news of Luiz leaving was announced, the Club also told us of Ian Maatsen signing from Chelsea. And I have to say, once again, there is little I know of this player.

What I do know is, I feel a little sorry for Lucas Digne. Replaced by Moreno and now replaced by Maatsen. Okay, sure he's getting on, he's 30 years old, but he does little wrong and he's a very decent player. But we will see what happens. 

Maatsen is an attacking left back and I think I read somewhere that he can also play as a winger, so maybe it's not all over for Digne. But there are rumours it's over for Moreno or rumours that he wants to go back to Spain. Again, we'll see.

And I nearly forgot. Omari Kellyman has joined Chelsea for a reported £19mn., what a way to get around all these rules. The game is broken.

And in the final part of the post today, England are close to going out of the European championships and I have no doubt that Gareth Southgate is going to resign, today or whenever this tournament ends for England. I'm not sure how exactly that will happen, but I think it will be written that he wanted to leave.

Truth of the matter is, he'll be pushed and end up as a pundit for the World Cup in two years time. You see, he's not likely to get a job in football again with a top side and he'll fail at whatever club do give him a job, thinking he has something. 

He should never have got the England job in the first place. He had a 29% win rate at Middlesbrough and only got the top job because he looked after the U21s with the best group of players we've ever seen come through. He's basically a yes man to the FA. 

He has failed at every opportunity, should never have got the job and yes, I'm writing this post at half time. England could go out and win by three, but I stand by what I've written, mostly because I've written it before, a few times. 

Either way, he's going after this tournament, whenever England are out. Just too late.

Anyway, back to the wine and the second half.