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Making a mess of it or a new dawn? The manager search, hopefully, continues

Two clubs need a manager. Both clubs are owned by Americans. Both clubs, on the face of things, appear to be making a mess of it.

However, this could be the new dawn and we could both end up with managers that develop all aspects of the club and stay with us for thirty years, but they could also be gone in two or three. Look at what happened to us this time last season.

In fairness, Liverpool seem to be making more of a mess of it than us at the moment but just because the clubs don't say anything (the American way) doesn't mean we don't sort of know what is going on.

Liverpool fans are not happy with the names they are getting linked with. I've not met or spoken to one that would be happy with Martinez or Rodgers. Sure, they can all see why they are getting linked and they can see the thinking, they just think the thinking isn't big enough.

They might not be a top four club anymore but they believe it is possible to get back. I honestly think if they can get back, then so can we.

Blue sky thinking

Some will call me mad but I base it on the madness of Liverpool supporters. If Liverpool can, then so can Aston Villa. It isn't all about money and buying players. Yes, that is a big part, but for the most part it is about developing and peppering your squad with the quality to add that extra element.

Look what Harry did at Spurs. Sure he has spent some money and you can not say Spurs didn't spend money before he got there, but he made the difference. He got them playing the type of football, with the belief they have and that is, I believe, the most important factor in the success of a team.

Are we making a mess of it?

So, the question of the day is this; are we making a mess of it? We might not be in the press as much as Liverpool right now but we were and we didn't seem to do it that well and I have a sneaky feeling that while we might be working on something right now, it could be a bit of an anti climax if it happens.

It's just a hunch, but if Solskjaer was first choice and I suspect he was, how is the next man going to feel knowing he was second choice, or maybe even third.

And I know it is easy to say that we never made an offer, but most Aston Villa fans wanted him and now it looks like we are waiting for Liverpool to make their decision before we make ours. I wrote that it looks like that, it might not be the case.

But McLeish going wasn't a surprise to Lerner and while I think going for Solskjaer was an inspired move, it is starting to look like he was the only name on the list and when you have only one name, you have to get him.

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