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Manager, owner and supporters: All for Aston Villa

There is a rumour today that the club have approached Martin Jol. Martin Jol is a good manager, but I'm not convinced it won't be like jumping out of one fire into another.

Martin Jol got Spurs to fifth but they spent an awful lot of money and while I fancy his style of football would be better than what we saw under the previous manager, it just doesn't feel like there is any ambition in appointing Martin Jol.

Randy Lerner

Randy has apparently spoken to a reporter called Mark Ryan from the The Mail on Sunday. You know I can be cynical and when we have an owner that usually only speaks to the media once a year, coming out speaking to the media, saying exactly what you want, in the exact same week that you want the owner to speak and in the exact same week he has come in for a lot of stick, it just smells, sorry, a bit like PR.

You can argue that he has to speak and I suppose he does - but as General PR says; actions speak louder than words and you watch - some will comment only on the negativity, when we have so much to be positive about.

Big, bad Manchester City came along and asked for Milner and we said, “No, he is not for sale”. And under the rules you have to respect that. And Manchester City respected that for two whole days. And then they violated the rules and came in for him again.

Big, bad Manchester City. Really? The owner also had something to say about the club selling players.

We are not a selling club. A selling club is when you let it be known that you want to sell a player, through an agent or whatever. That didn’t happen with Gareth Barry and it didn’t happen with James Milner either. As for Ashley Young, he was never going.

I can only assume, that because we are not a selling club and we have James Milner under contract, that he will then be with us for the rest of the season.

Optimism is back

When Martin O'Neill took over - there was renewed optimism and real belief that we could achieve something, well that is back.

It might only be one game and we really shouldn't get carried away, but for today anyway, I'm going to. It just looked better yesterday in so many ways.

We will look at what the papers have to say tomorrow and you still have a chance to vote for your man of the match, but I fancy Marc Albrighton has won it and rightly so too. It just goes to show how out of touch O'Neill was.