Manchester United rumours, video of the day and not much else, more tomorrow

The transfer window has closed, we find ourselves in the final of a proper tournament and we're one place and one point above the bottom three. It feels a little like we've been here before.

And to top it all off, there are more rumours this morning that Manchester United are interested in signing Jack Grealish in the summer and the number touted is £100mn.

I think we need to address this first because things aren't what they used to be. Had Liverpool stopped playing football on November 28th last year, they'd still have more points than Manchester United do today. Manchester United are the new Liverpool and there is every chance that Manchester United don't ever get back to what they had in the previous two decades.

Sir Alex Ferguson was a force. If Sir Alex Ferguson was still the manager of Manchester United, he could come and get Jack Grealish for half of this rumoured amount because players like Jack Grealish would want to play and win for Sir Alex Ferguson.

Manchester United are quite possibly a generation away from what they had and they might never get it back. Ask Liverpool fans. When you end up out of the top four and getting beaten as often as they are at the moment, it's hard to get back to a past glory. Sure, the patience they are showing their current manager will help them with their next manager, but we all know it takes more than just appointing a new manager. So why would Jack Grealish go to Manchester United to not win something?

Money could be a factor, but we can offer him money. Maybe not as much as Manchester United, but how much does he need? He's 24 years old and he'll never have to work again, if he's looked after his money and we all know he probably has. In three more years with us at his current salary, he should be earning as much from his investments as he does from his salary and endorsements. The money he gets paid by us, Manchester United or any football club is merely a vehicle to create more wealth.

So it should come down to playing football and what feels right. Will he play at Manchester United or Liverpool. Will they build a side around him? And are there other sides that he'd like to play for? I can't see him playing for Chelsea or Manchester City. Liverpool and Manchester United have a history that tells a story. We have that.

He can play week in, week out with us and he's experienced events and emotions at this Club that he'll never experience somewhere else.

And the game is changing. It's becoming more competitive. We are as close to the top four as Manchester United are in terms of the possible. Look at Leicester, Sheffield United, Wolves. Science and data is taking over and we've seen many many times that a player moving where he is a talent can often be the end of a career as much as it's hoped will be the start of one.

And Jack and the people will know everything I've written above. It's not new to anyone.

Don't get me wrong Manchester United are a big Club, but so are we. We have more chance of winning something than they do this season and hand on heart, I don't see the attraction. If it was Liverpool, sure, but not them. I also think there is more to Jack than that, but I could be wrong.

Video of the day

Okay, that was longer than I thought it would be and I've not left myself any time to talk about the League Cup final. I'll do that tomorrow. Thoughts? And video of the day below.