Marc Albrighton, Liverpool on Sunday and living with hope

I've had a busy week. Actually, I've had a busy five months working on a new project and a lot of hours have gone into it and today I got the email that made it all worth while. I'm in a good mood and nothing is going to change that.

The email isn't a done deal or a signed contract, but it is confirmation that the efforts haven't been wasted and that my thinking and ideas for something new actually work. All it needs now is the funding and that is actually not so far away either. I'm on cloud seven. Nine is reserved for when the deal is done.

I wanted to tell someone and you are the closest people I have that I can tell and it doesn't really matter. That isn't meant to be rude, it's just I can tell you guys things that I can't in my other circle. I can tell you it has nothing to do with football and that it revolves around doing something positive, without agenda and is hugely innovative.

Marc Albrighton

There was speculation on Twitter - comments between Marc Albrighton and someone at Rangers that got people thinking he might be off in January on loan or even a permanent move. These rumours have been squashed, by the man himself.

Super Marc Albrighton
I have a mate at Rangers but I won't be going there anytime soon. I don't want to think about leaving at the minute. I know things have not been great.

But I am a Villa boy and I can't think of anything worse than leaving the club that's given me all my games and all my happy moments.

One day I may have to leave, and that will be a sad day for me, but at the moment I am concentrating on playing well for Villa.

That is nice to read. It is even nicer to see that he was voted man of the match for the goal and performances against Championship side Bolton last weekend. Hopefully he can put in performance like that again on Sunday. We need the victory.

Liverpool on Sunday

We beat Liverpool back in May and I think it was the shortest post I have ever made on the site. It was a good day. We finished ninth and The Clowns were relegated.

But that is the past. We need to beat them on Sunday and it is going to be a hard task. Our manager will not go out to win this game - we know this - but if he manages to stifle them long enough, we might get lucky. The game for us on Sunday is going to be all about luck you see.

Football is about luck too. But we shouldn't just be hoping for luck week in week out, we should be hoping for more, which is why this manager has to go - I think the Bolton win gave him his last glimmer of hope, but I know and not very deep down, that it was just a reprieve. We know too much and we know he isn't good for Aston Villa.

But I'm not going to let thinking about The Clown darken my day. We can win, it only comes down to 90 minutes and anything is possible. I'll hope we can do it until the 94th minute, even if we are two down, because that is what you have as a football supporter.

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