Martin O'Neill speaks and more speculation, Ashley Young and Sol Campbell

Martin O'Neill is back from holiday, settling in behind his desk and from the sounds of things, is now going to start looking for players to join the team for next season.

Has he just looked at his calender and discovered the transfer window is open?

I don't mean to tell Martin O'Neill how to do his job but we need to get deals for players arranged in the next few days, so they can join the rest of the team as soon as pre-season starts. It is very important that they get as much time together as possible or is it not that important?

Martin O'Neill, June 18th 2009
We're on the lookout. We want to strengthen the side. We have lost Gareth but we are hoping to be in a position to replace him.

Having looked at the market and watched what has developed with the major transfers - Kaka and Ronaldo particularly - you can definitely say it's interesting times.

We are going to have to try and improve - even to stand still in this league. Manchester City and Tottenham will be looking to improve and I envisage Everton being strong again.

'On the lookout'? Sorry, shouldn't that be; we are finalising deals for the players we identified? I'm sorry to criticise and I know Martin O'Neill has circled the last week in August to get busy, but when are we going to learn?

Maybe I'm reading too much into it and maybe he'll surprise us, but I remember writing that last summer and pretty much every transfer window before. Am I mugging myself off now?

The manager has also spoken about Gaz Baz the Manc but I can't be arsed, I really can't, so I'm not going to bother. But more speculation is mounting and some of it needs to be, once and for all, dismissed, which I'm going to do, and one needs to be looked at with a little thought.

First off to Ashley Young. He isn't leaving. The papers and other websites will talk about a swap deal between Young and Bentley but Young is worth double what Spurs paid for Bentley and there is no chance in hell Martin O'Neill will sell him. Martin O'Neill sells Ashley Young and he might as well wave the white flag for the season like he did in Moscow last season.

That is why I'm convinced O'Neill won't sell him. O'Neill made another mistake by waving that white flag last season and he can not do it again as he knows exactly what has to happen and that is bring in more numbers and better quality.

Last one this morning before something from Doc and we've been linked to 42 year old Sol Campbell who is out of contract at the end of the month and Pompey don't look like they want to risk another season, so Martin O'Neill, according to the speculation, is 'keeping tabs'.

No doubt Campbell was a very good defender and actually had a decent one last season, but are we not supposed to be building for the future? Scrap that, I'd like him. He is quality and if it is on a one year deal, why not? He can bring something to the team that we don't have now and that is a real presence in central defence.

Right, I'm off to cut the grass, more later.