McLeish has to go. Either Randy sacks him or he resigns. He isn't good enough

In his TV interview last night the manager called it 'circus' defending. Am I the only one feeling a little sickened by this? And, to top it all off, he blamed the players for not taking the chance, lacking the clinical touch and not putting in the tackle.

How can he blame the players? They were sent out knowing they were not going to beat a decent Spurs side. How about, instead of passing the blame elsewhere - he stands up, acts like a man and delivers a piece of paper with his resignation on it to the Chairman's office at Villa Park.

Sure, he'll think he can turn it around but he can't and that isn't the reason. The reason is because he isn't wanted.

Aston Villa dont walk out defeated

Aston Villa is not about putting eleven men behind the ball. Aston Villa isn't about playing defenders and strikers in midfield when you have one of the brightest youngsters to come through the Academy in years sitting on the bench and one that doesn't even make that, while the manager puts the player he made the club pay £10kn for on the bench.

Aston Villa is bigger than McLeish will ever be. He has no comprehension of our size, our club or our history and that is why he isn't wanted.

Randy to make the call

But we all know McLeish wont do it, because we know he hasn't got the bottle. He showed us last night he doesn't have the bottle and he showed us when he talked about dropping defenders and didn't drop them he had no bottle.

McLeish wont quit because McLeish is a clown and that is why the defending was 'circus' defending and this needs to be nipped in the bud before he does serious damage or alienates too many players.

Which is why Randy Lerner has to make this decision. This is why Randy Lerner has to admit to making a mistake and take responsibility. It doesn't matter how nice the man is or how he is all about the football or the nice things that Sir Alex Ferguson says about an old friend - he was never good enough and has proven he isn't capable.

We are stuck with Lerner - he said he had no intention of selling up at the weekend, so we have to embrace him but don't we also have a responsibility to make him aware of his mistakes. He cant be expected to get every decision right and this was a massively wrong one.

Lerner has to sack him. There is no alternative. They must take that list out of the drawer and start speaking to people and whoever suggested McLeish to him has to be sacked or never used again - that more than anything was a mistake worthy of a beheading in the good old days.

In summary

This isn't a reaction to last night. Last night just confirmed things for a lot of people. He wasn't good enough when he took over and I called it a dark day then.

He isn't liked by the majority of Aston Villa supporters. To start with it was because of where he managed before but these days it is because he has us playing like them, six points above the relegation zone. He bottles it and he talks bullshit (Downing not going and defenders getting dropped) and then he blames the players for his own inept abilities.

It was a circus last night because we have a clown as manager and it really isn't going to get better.