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McLeish is going nowhere, for now and the run in

There are many stories I could write about where someone has taken their foot off the gas, so to speak, thinking they had the race won, only to lose it at the very last second or where someone had quite literally counted his chickens before the hatched and had made commitments on the back of how many eggs he or she had.

But I don't think I need to do that. Yes, we are probably not going to find ourselves in the bottom three, but it could still come down to the last game of the season, but you'd have to be a very brave person to sack the manager right now.

It would be a massive, massive gamble and while some may argue that keeping him is also a massive gamble, sacking him and the worst happening is what would be remembered and there would be no greater egg on face than that and well, even though we won't end up in the bottom three, can you see our owner taking that risk or our CEO admitting he got it wrong like that?

He is gone though

But don't worry, he is gone. His position as manager is untenable and as soon as we are mathematically safe, expect him to be gone and if that happens this weekend, expect it to happen very soon after, or hell, they might let him play out until the end of the season, but Alex McLeish, one of the worst decisions this Football Club has ever made and most definitely the worst one sanctioned by Randy Lerner, will be gone.

The run in

We have Spurs at home and Norwich away. On current form we should get one point and that should be enough. Blackburn can not catch us as our goal difference is far superior (never thought I'd be writing that about us) even though Blackburn have scored an average of 1.4 per game while we have averaged 1.1 and with Wolves already relegated, then it is a race between us (37 points), Bolton (34 points and a game in hand), QPR (34 points) and Wigan (37 points) to who sits in the bottom three come the end of the season.

Bolton have Spurs, West Brom and Stoke to play and I'm predicting four points. That puts them, with us picking up one point level with us, but our goal difference still puts us above them.

QPR have Stoke and Manchester City to play and I'm predicting three points. With us picking up one point from our remaining fixtures, that also puts them below us.

Lastly, Wigan. They've got Blackburn and Wolves and I fancy they'll pick up six points. They might not, but in the type of form they are in, who is going to bet against that. They will finish above us and Martinez will be off to another club in the summer.

Not the bottom three

So, we really shouldn't end up in the bottom three, even if we lost, we should still be safe from that nightmare and can you see QPR picking up more than three points? It could be confirmed this weekend all is good and then you will see changes, but don't expect it to happen today.

Saying that, I have made the club aware that if he does go before the weekend, I will happily take control until the end of the season and it was unanimously agreed that I couldn't do any worse.