There is something a little different about Jack

It's easy for me to say Jack Grealish has to shoot more, but the best I ever got was playing for my county team and that only happened once. I know it's not that easy. But after that goal Jack, you're going to shoot more right?

But forget the goal for a moment, Jack has a swagger. For many Aston Villa fans Jack will be the first player they'd have seen in claret and blue with it. The last one I remember was Paul Merson but it was the end of his career, there was no hope. Jack has the swagger and he inspires hope.

And I'm a 43 year old man looking at a kid play football, sorry Jack but to me you're a kid, and I'm looking for hope. No I'm not, I'm hoping for hope. And I don't think there is anything wrong in that. I mean Jack, he's metro-Jack right. Jack has grown up with all of this around him and he doesn't really know what the real world is like. His parents do and he'll think he does, but from 6 years old he's been part of the Club. That can either create something good or bad in a person.

I think it's safe to say it's good with Jack, but can it be special?

For the older readers, it will be Gordon Cowans or Brian Little. They were both special. For this generation, it could be Jack. And while many have come before him and not delivered, there is something different about Jack .. there is something special. I'm going to remain hoping.

And that post I linked to in the first line, it's about me saying Jack should shoot more. But it's an interesting post, from a year ago, you should read it again. And Jack, shoot more.