Michael Owen, new Aston Villa forum, Gareth Barry and wee Gordon Strachan

Martin O'Neill seemed to leave Celtic with a bigger reputation than he went with and while you all know I'm a big fan of O'Neill I am starting to worry that he might not be all he is cracked up to be, which is why I'm mentioning Gordon Strachan today. We all know how he failed in the Premier League but is he going to walk back in with a bigger reputation than when he left because he did well at Celtic?

Don't get me wrong, but David O'Leary could do well at Celtic and he is useless. In fact, I'd say that Strachan failed at Celtic, mostly because he didn't actually go there and win everything, every season. Also because we know how poor Walter Smith is too.

But, you've got to fancy that Strachan is going to get a club down here and that maybe it will be Sunderland. If he gets Sunderland soon, I'll put money on them getting relegated. Just because O'Leary could do well at Celtic will prove my point. O'Leary would get his next Premier League club relegated and I reckon Strachan would relegate Sunderland.

Moving on to Gaz Baz and talk is mounting that Liverpool are maybe not that interested and it's all about Manchester City and Spurs and we all know he's not going to either of those two teams. For Gaz Baz, it is about Champions League football, he's told us and if he were to leave for one of those two clubs, then, he'll be hated. It won't happen.

It will be interesting though to see if Liverpool do show an interest again, they've had a good season and they'll fancy they've got a better chance next season and I'm not convinced Rafa will be making that many changes and if he is going to be making changes they are going to be big ones and I'm not sure Gaz Baz falls into that category. In fact, I'm certain.

But moving on again, this time to wee Michael Owen. Am I the only one that doesn't want to see him at Aston Villa? I know we wouldn't have to pay for him but we'd have to pay a lot of money each week for him to be sat on the treatment table and yes, I've said in the past, that it's not our money and that he is quality, but my opinion is more swayed by consistency these days and with Owen there is no consistency.

If you knew Owen was going to play 20 games every season and you could as predict when he was going to be available, as in two chunks of ten games, I'd say spend the money, because he is quality and he will score, but you can't and while I appreciate that the club are not going to pay for him, it would actually sicken me that the club would be willing to pay him that much money for more often than not, sitting on the treatment table.

Curtis Davies, May25th 2009
People will talk about his wages. But if you are getting him on a free transfer, it offsets that. If we are ever in the running for a player like that, it will show the progression of this club. If he goes somewhere, keeps fit and plays games, he will score goals.

I know Curtis is allowed to say what he wants, but come on, let's put things into perspective here. Owen might be welcomed with open arms by all the other millionaire football players at the club, but I'm not convinced that knowing what we know, that he'll be welcomed by that many fans on the type of money he'll want.

A play and get paid deal would be nice, but we know it will never happen and I wouldn't care if it was £100k a game because with his goal scoring record and the number of games we might play next season, it would be worth it. But, like I said, we know it won't happen.

Anyway, not that much Villa related today but I'm hoping for a shock announcement from the club one of these days, I mean, they can go sign players now.

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