Mile Jedinak signs, Adama Traoré wants out and Pierluigi Gollini getting it done

There is an awful lot of talk at the moment about us now having a spine to the team after Mile Jedinak signed yesterday. I'm not sure about that, but that's mostly because I'm a fan of the football and not just players and to be quite honest, I'm one of a small group that will actually admit to not knowing much about him.

Players are important don't get me wrong, but there are more important people and I also believe how you operate is just as important. In short, there is a lot more to it than just buying new players and I'm from another small group that think a good manager can manage what is put in front of him and that bringing in too many news players isn't necessarily a good thing.

And you know what, that's just how I think. And I also accept that sometimes, you need roots and branch change, even though you know that will come at a cost. For us, that cost might be that we have to stay in the Championship longer than hoped but nobody can say with absolute certainty that if we didn't do it, and we had a manager with a lot more experience and a proven record at man management, that he would get us out at the first time of asking with a limit of three new players in.

So for all I know, we could have our spine. I mean, he has a beard, 32 is the new 28 and we all know Australians like to stay healthy.

Adama Traoré

Right, new players to one side for a moment and if you believe the hype, there might be more coming, there is news that Traoré wants to leave and talk that this will be his last season with us and I suppose that also means that he could go this window.

We've all seen what this player is capable of and we've also seen that he appears to be injured more than most. Are those real injuries or him just not wanting to play, we will probably never find out, but I've not seen any photos of him with Gabby and the slogan 'my new brother' so I'm assuming he's just not happy at the club.

It will be sad that we don't get to see his full potential, but it's going to go one of two ways for Adama Traoré. He's either going to be a star or he has already peaked like Luke Moore. It would be nice to see him run though for one last time.

Pierluigi Gollini

So, before I go, I've got to write something about Gollini because a lot has been written and not all of what I've read was nice. Actually, it's not that it wasn't nice, it was that it was a little hasty. He's made two mistakes and yes, they're mistakes that he has to accept are his no matter how unlucky he was, but I have a distinct feeling that he wont be making those mistakes again.

And that for me is why I like this keeper. It's also why I could be very wrong about him because much like Jedinak, I know little of him. But I want to believe he'll learn and I want to believe he'll get better. From what little we've seen, I think all would agree that he looks the part. If he can learn and get better, I think we will all be happy.

All keepers make mistakes and I for one am just glad they're getting out of the way now. And on that, back to work, busy day fixing the world.