Milner back, Webcam staying and we are drawing a line

It really is all a bit tedious now. James Milner is off; we know this. The manager told us he wants to go and we have already had one bid in from Manchester City and you never sell on the first offer.

But now there are rumours that Webcam is off or might be sold by the owner, despite him saying, only a few days ago, that he was happy. But then, some get flustered because there is another rumour that O'Neill will leave if Webcam is sold. It must all be true.

It isn't all true

Some people need to stand back for a moment when they read a headline. Most of these rumours are made up by the Mirror Group and they are made up to drive traffic to a website so you click on one of their links and they make money or they can over inflate their visitor numbers to charge higher for advertising.

Has Randy Lerner ever done anything, apart from move season ticket holders out of the Trinity so he can make more money with corporate seating, that suggests he would sell Webcam without O'Neill knowing about it. Does it really sound like something the owner would do?

Lerner isn't going to sell Webcam without O'Neill approving it and O'Neill isn't going to walk away from a job that gives him €3,000,000 a season. On top of all that - Webcam wants to stay! Someone give him a new contract and publicise the hell out of it.

There will always be interest - ask Harry Redknapp - but the price has to be right and the players must want to go. I'm sure O'Neill is interested in lots of players too. Means nothing.

Line in the sand

So, we are leaving all this Milner speculation now because it is just too much. Let him go or let the club do something that makes him want to stay. Until there is news, we will do our best not to mention it again.

The decision is with James Milner. He can either join Manchester City and not play that often but maybe win something or stay with us, play more football and maybe win something too. Either way he will become extremely wealthy.