Moussa Diaby is an Aston Villa player, a trip to the USA and just over two weeks to go

I have to tell you that I can't with absolute certainty say that I recall seeing Moussa Diaby play before. I'm sure I must have, but that isn't certainty. That said, this video does give reason for optimism, but I guess that is what it was designed to do.

But the manager wanted him, so there is a reason for that and this manager can do no wrong. As long as he's happy, I have more reason for optimism and I quite like that. 

It's as if everything he does turns to gold and he's not doing wrong on the pre-season tour in the USA either. I read something on Twitter that Buendia looked like prime Messi after the Newcastle match. Yes, I'm sure an exaggeration, but a nice one to wake up to. 

There are two more games in the USA. Fulham tomorrow followed by Brentford on Saturday or Sunday and while pre-season means little I'm sure we'll do well or that performances will give reason for more optimism. And after the USA we come back for Lazio at the Bescot next Thursday before heading to Spain for Valencia a week on Saturday.

Pre-season seems to be busier these days. I guess it's just what it is these days. 

But it's just over two weeks to the season starting and that means there needs to be a pre-season prediction post. Yes, it's coming back and it's coming back because there is good reason to believe that this season will be a good one. And by good I mean we have reason to believe something special could happen.

Everything points to special with this manager and these owners so I'm predicting it now. Post coming in a few days, for now, I need to get out of bed, I have a call starting in 15 minutes.