So many new players, clap clap clap, excitement, excitement, excitement

I don't spend as much time online as I used to. But when I do dip into the land of social media, I accept that things are changing. I must be part of a small group that actually doesn't know anything about these new players, so I'm not getting excited or over enthusiastic.

But so many are. And at the same time, I'd bet that easily 50%, probably 80% or more, of those getting excited haven't actually seen any of these players play.

Maybe it's also because I'm in my 40's now and that I understand a little more. Or maybe it's just something else, that I can't quite put my finger on. What I do know is we've made a lot of changes this window and you all know my view on changes. I mean, if all these players brought in are better than what we have, that's nearly half the outfield team that has changed.

But I don't really care. I wrote the other day that we need to brace for more Championship football. And when we make so many changes in January, I sort of start to accept that. Yes, these four come mean we go on an unbeaten run for the rest of the season and get into the top six, but it's not likely. Bringing in so many players is making the same mistake over and over again.

So, I'm not getting excited because I don't think it's about bringing in as many new players as you can every transfer window. I think it keeps some of those on social media happy and excited, but I also think that those in the real world understand that all that is doing is papering over the cracks.

And I'm sorry if you think this negative, it's not, it's just that I tend to not change my mind after I've formed an opinion if nothing has happened to make me change that view. Bringing in so many new players will disrupt things and it will have an impact. But maybe that is part of the plan. Maybe everyone accepts this season is lost and it's preparation for next season.

So there you go. Four new players this window. Some players have left. Steve Bruce is either preparing for next season in the Championship or he thinks he has a chance this season. What do you think it is?