New badge and Middlesbrough in the FA Cup

I don't really care about the badge. It does bother me that we have a star in it, but you all know why because I've written it many times. And I do like the round one we have at the moment, much more than the cartoon one we had.

And it also bothers me that supporters were asked about what badge they wanted and the Club are now saying no to it, after putting it on the shirt. It points to how they really think about supporters and it doesn't bode well for whoever made this decision. Side note, I don't think it's the owners.

But the Club should never have asked us in the first place, but these are the times we live in. It's an easy way to engage supporters, but the thing is, not on things like this. Not on things you can not wholly commit to. It's crowdsourcing 101. But what was leaked this week must be a decoy because it looks like something an 11 year old put together. 

And that is why I'd be surprised if it was actually the one.

Anyway, that written, it's time to focus on the FA Cup and I do love a knockout competition. And there is no greater knockout competition than the FA Cup and that is why tomorrow will be tough.

Middlesbrough will sell out and they'll have the full support of the stadium. We'll also be bringing quite a few too so I imagine it will be a great day. But for Middlesbrough, this is their biggest game of the season to date and they'll throw everything at it.

It's not for us and we do have a nice break after this match, so while I suspect we'll see our strongest side, there is a part of me that also thinks we will see one or two faces involved that we maybe wouldn't normally. I'm not saying they're going to start, but that they'll be involved.

It's not that I think the manager will take the match lightly, but we are competing on two fronts, so using any opportunity we can to rest players and see how others perform, might be something he thinks is a good idea.

And if that is what the manager intends to do, I don't think any of us would complain. And I shouldn't write this next part as it usually always gets me in trouble, but we should have enough against Middlesbrough to be able to do that.

In other news, there are rumours of a new player coming in. He goes by the name of Cyril Ngonge and you guessed it, I've never heard of him and know nothing. But he's an attacking midfielder with quite a nice goal to game ratio according to Wiki.

Right, I've got work to do.