New manager for Aston Villa coming very soon, not Mark Hughes

Somebody somewhere has written that the club are not interested in Mark Hughes or they haven't and wouldn't be contacting Fulham over his availability or something like that. Yes, this was written or said before Hughes quit Fulham yesterday, but apparently it was written or said, so it must be true.

I've not seen it on the club site though and I'm starting to think the club will say anything to anyone just to get a story out and if Mark Hughes ends up at Aston Villa that will be confirmed and we will know from the start that he is a liar and that really won't be good for him.

Mark Hughes talks

Mark Hughes
I would also like to take this opportunity to clarify that neither myself nor my representative have approached or have been approached by another club. This decision to leave Fulham has not been influenced by any outside party.

We won't know that the club are liars because there is nothing on the club site - no official statement. Whoever they told the story to however will know they are liars and that isn't going to be good for them.

We will know that Hughes is a liar because it will be clear as day that there was contact and that Hughes left for us. This wouldn't be a coincidence.

Favourites for the job

But if it isn't Hughes and it really shouldn't be now after what he has said and after what the club 'apparently' said, then I'm sure you will be overjoyed to learn, according to the bookmakers, Carlo Ancelotti and Second choice Steve are the favourites.

Neither inspire me and they are both the easy pick. Ancelotti might be a good choice so might be McClaren but half of me can not see Ancelotti at any club for more than a few seasons and more than half of me thinks McClaren isn't good enough for the Premier League and there is a reason why he is called 'second choice'.

But this is just speculation and paper talk and it means nothing. But, the new manager will be announced soon, because it is important and none of this is a surprise. Houllier went into hospital a long time ago and when that happened, the decision was made very soon after that he couldn't stay in the job, so they are not just starting to work on it now.

So, expect a name soon to be announced, just don't expect it to be Mark Hughes, second choice Steve or Carlo Ancelotti, even if I think that last one could do a fantastic short term job.