New manager week, time for some optimism

There is a talk of John Terry assisting Thierry Henry and there is talk of Brendan Rodgers and to say neither really excites me, would be just about right. Sure, both offer a degree of you don't know what's going to happen, so as a supporter you enter that world of blind optimism. But neither are going to get a bigger Club.

And I think that's what makes me not so excited. Sure, Rodgers has managed and won a few things with Celtic but so did Ronny Deila and Neil Lennon before him, would you want either of them managing the Club? And yes, Rodgers did get Swansea promoted, but is that something to write home about?

I'm not so sure. I mean, sure they got promoted, but he literally won the match Bruce couldn't and his win record at Swansea wasn't as good as Bruce at Aston Villa in the Championship. I'm not saying it doesn't mean he's not going to get us promoted if he gets the job, but for his apparent style, his win record wasn't as good. And many pundits might also argue that Swansea was set up for him.

Fortunately I'm not a pundit, so I don't need to argue anything, but what I will say again is that we're probably the biggest Club he can get and we're in the Championship. What does that say about him? More to the point, why does that make it attractive to Thierry Henry?

And I know it's fashionable to give the job to former players at the moment, but that we're even considering Henry baffles me. Don't get me wrong, he's quite good on TV and for sure he knew how to play, but again, is he going to get a bigger Club than us? If it was a case that he could and we were fighting for him, I'd be interested, but on paper, him coming to us is better for him than it is for us.

But then you've got the group that will say we can't get better or more successful managers and to them, I feel a little sorry. I remember a time when Aston Villa were a not only a big Club by size but by results and potential. We have almost all of that now with the new owners and for the life of me, I see all of the above as gamble and just another cycle.

Me, I'd like to see someone that we fought for. I'd like us to sell the Club and the vision to someone. I'd like to believe it's still possible and that Aston Villa means something. I know it can and it should. But on these mentioned, I think I'd be more optimistic about Henry, only because with Rodgers, I sort of know what we're going to get and what we're going to hear.

Call me old fashioned and I may be wrong. Rodgers could come and get us promoted and take us to the top. He could finish his career with us and we name a stand after him. I know that wont happen with Henry. So what's it to be?