New player maybe and players out on loan recalled

I suppose this deserved a post considering all the speculation and this is one I don't really need to detail, but I have to write it. By all accounts, Aston Villa are on the verge of signing Philippe Coutinho on loan until the end of the season from Barcelona, with the option to buy in the summer.

Now, it's all speculation and Stevie G wont say anything and we're hearing nothing, as expected, from the Club, but in Spain, the talk is it's as good as done.

It deserves a post because even though it is speculation, it's huge news because this is how the Club are acting. And the Club are acting, of that I don't think there is any doubt. It's very exciting but I can't write that without also writing the part that nobody wants to talk about, it is also quite risky.

By all accounts our owners are wealthy, not like the cowboy we had before, so there is a little comfort in knowing this, but at the same time, it's an awful lot of money and I don't believe it's going to stop with one player. If you act this way, you have to act this way and we wont be gambling it all on one player.

I'm desperately hoping that Stevie G is going to put a lot of emphasis on homegrown players and then strengthen with real quality from outside and he has recalled three players out on loan this week, but this is the dream isn't it. Is this what Aston Villa are doing?

But actions speak louder than words and we also know that football isn't rocket science. Time will tell but time is passing every day and at the moment, things are looking good. If this deal for Coutinho happens, I think it's fair to say it would be impressive and real reason for optimism.

I also don't think it will be the last, but I can't see anything bigger. Also nice to see it happen so quickly into the month. Almost as if someone knew there was a window coming up!