Nine years ago, Swansea were bottom of the Football League, but who cares?

I've thought about this post for a good few hours now and all that happens is I fall back on my sofa with little to write. The owner doesn't care. The CEO doesn't care and the manager doesn't care.

You can't blame the manager. He was offered more money to manage a bigger club in the Premier League. He isn't going to quit and throw away all that money. You can blame the owner and CEO, but again, they don't care, so what is the point.

So if they don't care, you could argue that the default position is to forget about them and just support the team, but it is also so hard to watch talented players going about their job, almost as if some of them don't care either.

And the football. Don't get me started on the football. Nine years ago, Arsenal were top of the Premier League and Swansea were bottom of the Football League. Today, Swansea are playing better football than us, beating us and beating Arsenal.

If it took nine years for a club like Swansea, with our resources it shouldn't take more than a year, but we all know it isn't going to happen with this defensively-minded manager, more interested in not losing than winning.

The cornerstone to success is the football. Players help make that happen, but they are just part of the process. When Swansea played us off the park, they made seven changes. It wasn't the players, it was the football and the thinking. The ethos of the game at Swansea is what we need to create and live by, but we are so far from it, it might never happen.

It is the thinking from the top down that stops it from happening. When we needed a new manager part of the criteria for picking a new manager was 'Premier League experience' and that there is one of the reasons why we were always going to get lumbered with someone that had failed or not succeeded.

When Swansea appointed Roberto Martinez in 2007 they didn't say to themselves that they needed someone with managerial experience, they said they wanted someone that could develop how they played football and bring a thinking to the club that they didn't have. What did we do when it was finally announced that Houllier wouldn't be coming back - appointed a man twice relegated from the League.

Don't try to dissect it or put any spin on it - sometimes the most obvious answer is staring you in the face.

What to do?

So, we can take the default position and watch our club decline, right in front of us, or maybe not. There is still a chance that this manager can prove so many wrong and turn it around, or you can decide not to go. You can also decide to protest or raise banners.

I'm sure there are other things too - but what it comes down to is you doing what you have to do, if you really do feel passionate about the club. My biggest fear is that the owner and CEO are sucking that passion out of supporters, happy with the TV money and revenue coming in.

We are at Wolves at the weekend and working on the manager getting a win every four games this or the QPR match is his biggest chance and if he doesn't get it this weekend, he knows it doesn't matter, because I think he now knows that the owner and the CEO don't care - so why should he.

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