No new players in January, but that could change next week

We are well and truly into the transfer window and nothing has happened. No new players despite the manager saying he would be looking at one or two. He did say that didn't he?

Well, it all started with no new players in January, then it changed to one or two but we are now back to no new players in January. Does anyone actually know if we are going to strengthen in January? It all comes down to Randy Lerner.

Matty Kendrickson

I've got this little nugget of information from Matty Kendricson over that Birmingham Mail who, only a few days into the transfer window, is starting to get people thinking. His opening paragraph was fantastic.

Martin O’Neill has all but ruled out new arrivals at Villa in January after refusing to disclose whether money will be made available from chairman Randy Lerner.

Now, you can go read the rest of the post here but I'm going to summarise.

Martin O'Neill doesn't want to sell any players although he accepts he will probably be the last to find out if a player does want to leave. He is going to keep any conversations with Randy Lerner private and he isn't going to comment about speculation, although we've heard that before.

Basically, this January is very important and if O'Neill doesn't know that, then he is past helping. If Lerner doesn't know this then he is also past helping. Something has to happen and if it doesn't we are just going to stand still and all this flirting with the subject isn't doing anyone any favours.

I'm hoping that something does happen but I'm starting to accept that all that is happening is our expectations are getting lowered so when we pay £2,5mn for winger Wayne Routledge, we'll think he could be exactly they type of player we need, when in fact, that is likely to do more damage, because what is it going to do for the confidence of the players when they see that Wayne Routledge is the new star signings.

I'm using Routledge as an example and I've even increased the figure that we paid for him, but it's just an example. Look what Arshavin did for Arsenal last season. We need our own Arshavin. Right, coffee and early lunch and I'd love a player, really love it.