No news is good news, Liverpool and Wigan

I think that was the longest ever break from having a blog post up on the site, so for those that stuck with the old post, I thank you. For those that didn't, I don't think I can blame you, but you're weak like O'Neill.

But have we missed anything of real importance? Wigan won and if they win their game in hand, we go back into the bottom three, so I'm asking the question; is it just me thinking that the last game of the season could be massive?

I'm not sure there is anything else. Naturally, the game this weekend is huge. Is it too obvious to say if we beat Liverpool it would be a fantastic result? I'm starting to get worried that I'm asking questions and not forming an opinion, so here goes; yes we need to beat Liverpool and guess what, I think we can.

But I don't want to get carried away on the back of a couple of good results and some good recent performances. Our players know what is needed from them and with a fantastic home support, beating Liverpool shouldn't be seen as an impossible task, more of a 'we've done it already this season, lets do it again' thing.

They've fought this fight before

But Wigan know also what is needed of them and they've got a little more experience than us at this. But a win this weekend would, almost, have me believing that we will survive.

Wigan are not the only club I should be focusing on, I could look at Southampton, Sunderland, West Ham or Newcastle quite easily and even Norwich or Stoke at not so much a push but, for me Wigan is the team we need to get ourselves out in front of and that is why, if we beat Liverpool and they fail to pick up three points against Norwich, I think it might help. In fact, I'm sure it will.

But now that I've mentioned all this, Wigan will draw against Norwich and we'll get a point against Liverpool. In fact, because I've predicted it, that is my bet of the weekend as things stand now, because no doubt on Saturday, I'll have Wigan losing and us winning.

But a wise old man sitting next to me is stating the obvious; it isn't about what the other teams do, it's about what we do, so don't worry about Saturday, it's all about Sunday afternoon and on that, I'll speak to you then, if not before and we have news of a ... no, I'll leave it for now.