No post-mortem but a really old Sunday rumour

Normally, the day after the match is dedicated to the post-mortem, but instead, that will come on Monday, mostly because I can't put the energy into that post that it deserves. It will come tomorrow. It will come tomorrow because I'm actually finding it hard to be positive and I don't want to be negative.

Spurs will do well this season but yesterday was very much a game for them to show how far they rally had come and Arsenal beat them. Yesterday was also a day for us to show how far we had come - playing an Everton team that were quite a few players off full strength and who had lost the last three.

Instead, our football was predictable and our chances were limited. We did have a few more shots on target than Everton, but eight in ninety minutes isn't the best return, although it isn't bad. More quality might reignite my expectations.

So, I'm sorry there is no post-mortem today, but I'd rather not get all wound up by it, instead it is November 1st which means the shapely Nadine Velazquez on my FHM calender in the office and 62 days until the transfer window opens and I fancy we need to make a splash if top six is going to be achievable.

We should have Downing back by then also, but there is a rumour today; Craig Gardner is leaving and is going to join Wolves. Okay, one rumour and I'm sorry, but that is your lot.

It is one of those days where I don't want to write what I am thinking and I actually suspect more and more people are seeing it and thinking the same anyway. Don't get me wrong, the game was a little more exciting yesterday, but the football was still just above average - it isn't developing.

So, you've had your rumour, post mortem tomorrow and hopefully something else.