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Not a season prediction, Lambert's Lions and stupid stupid analysis

I'm working on a project document for a crowdsourcing experiment we go live with after the summer and rather than throw this MacBook out the window, I've decided to take a few minutes to write a post, chill out with a cup of coffee and listen to a song and seeing as it's Friday, a classic.

But, that isn't why I'm here. We have football again today and I'm actually quite looking forward to it. There is something about the European Championships that I quite like. It might be that I don't need to work or watch every game or it might just be that Aston Villa are not playing and I get to enjoy it.

But something else happened this week too and since Paul Lambert was unveiled as the new Aston Villa manager there has been post after post on the internet about players he might be signing and I've even seen analysis of players labeled as realistic targets and it really did make me wonder.

So, I'm going to use this post again to say that there is every chance that I'm not going to get involved in the speculation this summer, or not until it starts to become credible.

But that wont stop Frem and for that I'm not sure if I should apologise or not, but you know, he has a cult following and even a parody Twitter account now, so he must be doing something right and I'm sure there will be the odd occasion that I delve into speculation, if only to say how ridiculous the prospect it.

Lambert's Lions

And I can't quite believe I've used that heading for this next part, but I sort of have an announcement. Well, it isn't really an announcement as such, more a mention that there will be no season prediction from me this year. But I'd still like yours and you can see the madness of mine and yours from this time last year here. That really was blind optimism from me.

Sure, I hope we do as well as we can, but this really is a transitional season and as such time is needed. I expect we will finish in the top half and I hope that the younger players get a really good opportunity and I also hope that we concentrate on the football, keeping the ball and everything else I've written so many times before, but in terms of having a target - I just hope the football moves forward.

Lambert is still learning his trade. This will be his second season in the Premier League and while things look positive this manager needs time and as long as he focuses on the football first, I believe he can make it work. We have intelligent football players at the club that need to have it drilled into them week in week out what to do and as long as they get that, I'm convinced they will deliver.

But, as it is a season of transition, no prediction. What will be will be. So on that and seeing as I've had my break, time for another coffee.

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