Not news and a video, Twitter, Joe Cole and loan deals

Right, there was no post before, during or after the match against FC Dallas, because meant in the nicest possible way, it's training. And again, the match tonight or tomorrow morning is also training, so don't expect anything about that match either.

But that doesn't mean some are not going to enjoy it and when you're playing sides in America, they know how to make it available to you and the Dallas match was live on YouTube and the match against Houston will also be online. As soon as I figure out a link, I'll add it below and Tweet it out.

But that doesn't mean there is nothing happening at the club. Okay, there isn't much happening, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of stories coming out.

Not really news

And from what I understand, the Birmingham Mail have sent two people to follow the team on the American tour but judging by the quality of stories and blog posts we're getting, along with the 'from a distance' mobile videos and the stalker like images, I get the feeling that the local paper isn't getting the kind of access it once got.

Coupled with the clubs media department throwing out as much copy as possible, we're seeing a lot of stuff, but weeding through it to figure out if there is any news is something else all together.

So rather than look at the news, that isn't actually news from the local paper or the club, I've decided to look at Twitter instead and it's quite surprising what comes up when performing a few searches.

And when you can get away from all the images of people buying shirts or receiving their season cards, you actually get some decent comment and opinion, but then the clearly have no idea about anything that is going on.

And I'm not going to name anyone, but I'm going to touch on a few stories and to make it easy again, I'm going to make them headers. So here goes.

Joe Cole

This lad has come in for some stick this week and it's not warranted and it's certainly not helpful. He picked up an injury and nobody should deb surprised that it's happened because it's something Joe Cole is known for.

But it's happened in training, three weeks before the season starts. Isn't that a good thing? Let the lad do his talking on the pitch in the twenty odd games he'll play for us this season (but hopefully all).

Loan deals

With money clearly not something we can throw about like it was 2007, loan deals seem to be something of a necessity from now and there is Twitter talk of potentially two or more deals. I'd like to add, that this doesn't mean any of these are going to happen.

The main talk is focused around Christian Atsu and Ashley Young; both coming in for the season. I'd like Young back and I've written that before and truth be told, I know little about Atsu, so can't really comment.

But I do think loan deals are going to happen. I think this is where we have to be doing business now.

Faulkner and Keane

Okay, I'm leaving it on these two. First we'll start with Keane because he has been getting involved in training and as such, he's clearly going to have an influence. It is going to be interesting to see, but I think his involvement is only going to create a positive feeling and hopefully an optimistic one for the season ahead. It's good to see.

But on Faulkner (did someone tell me he has a leaving party next week) and I've just got to write this as there seems to be a new history getting written about him. This is the CEO that couldn't find a shirt sponsor and the man that hired Alex McLeish. And if it wasn't him that hired Alex McLeish and not really him that couldn't find a shirt sponsor, he wasn't really much of a CEO in the first place.

What was it we were always told; actions over words. It's about the football on the pitch, not about what happens in training or what happened at the last club. And that there is my wisdom for the day. Or riddle.

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