Nothing about the weekend, it's all about Sherwood

I've written these first parts before, but I'm going to confess to something below that will be a first. But before I get to that, I jut want to write again that I was surprised when Sherwood was appointed, mostly because he has little experience. And I'm not writing about the weekend, because what can I write that isn't already written?

But back to Sherwood and I was all for him getting a chance next season if we stayed up, but the decision to appoint him now, with a proper after school punch up planned surprised me a lot. I even placed bets on him not getting the job, that was how convinced I was the decision was madness. And even though all of us are high in confidence at the moment, I'm still not fully convinced. There, most of that you knew all this or could have figured it out.

But, I can't help but really really like the guy. His exuberance and passion are undeniable and while he does talk a little too quick for me and sometimes I think he's going to say something he regrets, you know what, as long as we keep winning or looking like we're going for it, I'm starting to think that I won't care if he does say something that makes me cringe or think 'you shouldn't have said that'.

Maybe not all about results

And I know that if we start losing or results don't go our way, my view might change, but I'm going to do my best to remember I wrote this post. Because today, I like Tim Sherwood and for the right reasons, as well as some of the wrong reasons. But added all up, he comes out on top. This is important for me to remember, because Lambert never did.

And the truth is, there isn't one thing he has said that has made me feel this way, it's a combination of a lot of things. If we stay up it wont be like this again, could be the one that tipped me over the edge, because the last manager wouldn't have had the confidence to say it, but there are other things. There are so many other things.

And the results and performances make it easier for sure. But you get the impression he wont tolerate people that don't give 100% and you get the impression that he's actually quite a smart bloke. Scrap that, he's football smart and it's common sense, but I bet he'll suss most people out quite quickly and I just get the feeling again, sorry Mr Lambert, that the previous manager wouldn't or couldn't.

And by all accounts, the thing I hear most from people is that Lambert was a really nice bloke, nothing else. And while I've not heard much about Sherwood not many people have a bad thing to say about him and I'm looking at former teammates and people in the media.

The only people that tend to have something fairly negative to say to him are Tottenham fans and that could be exactly for the reasons I like him. And actually, I don't quite care if he is over friendly with the media because I'm starting to think that today, if you're going to be a successful manager, you have to start that way. If success comes, he can reign that in and he probably will.

Naturally more time

So, that was my confession; I'm 40 years old and I've not met the man but I quite like him and that's a bit strange for me because I usually associate the Aston Villa manager or anyone at the club, with actions first and what they're doing. I actually quite like Sherwood off the bat and I want him to do well and I think when you start this way, he's naturally going to get more opportunities.

And like I wrote when he joined, I think he'll keep us up because it will be difficult to relegate us, even from the position we were in and even now, regardless of what happens, I'm actually looking forward to next season (because I think we will stay up and if this positive momentum continues, I think Lerner will back him).

But time for a disclaimer and even though I've written the above, there is still a reason why Spurs sacked him. I don't want it to be something that make me change my view and I'd actually be really surprised if it did, but there is that niggle in the back of my head. I know it's sort of a contradiction and like I said even though I don't know the bloke, I like him, so he gets the benefit of the doubt and that for me makes the end of the season more fun and enjoyable. Something we've not had much of for a while as Aston Villa fans.

And you know what, it's actually quite nice to think like this. It also means I care less about the people behind the scenes, because it's all about Sherwood and I think he's played his part so far, to perfection. I also think it's going to make for a really interesting summer. Fingers crossed.