Olympiakos first, London second

I don't think there will be an Aston Villa fan not watching tonight, but I suspect we'll all be hitting refresh on a page telling us the score at Stamford Bridge every few minutes also. 

But tonight it really is all about what happens at Villa Park. Regardless of the result in London, finishing fourth is now in our hands.

So there is no harm in fully focusing on tonight and you don't need me to tell you how important it is. Win tonight and we take it to Greece next week and it puts us in a very good position. 

But any other result doesn't mean it's over. And Olympiakos will be tough. 

And you can probably tell, I'm unsure what to write. I'm actually quite nervous. Why? It's just a football match. I mean, I know why. But tonight isn't the end, there is next week and whatever happens tonight can happen next week. 

Tonight is half time and even though I'd love to see us take a commanding lead to Greece, whatever happens happens and it isn't the end. 

I'm going to go for a walk. Maybe get some lunch. Back later. Could be a great night. I have a good feeling.