Wigan, two things and question of the day on doing a Leicester

Fifteenth place with 25 points, but fifteen points to top place with loads of games to go. But in this League you have to win two out of every three games and sorry for stating the obvious but tomorrow is about three points.

A lot of numbers in that first paragraph but I expect to win tomorrow and I suspect many of you do and it's likely for the same reasons but a couple that should stand out for all of us is that Wigan are struggling second from bottom and we've got Steve Bruce.

And we should all be confident for tomorrow. So with that done and I'm sorry that is it but what more do you want me to write, I'm going to write something about Leicester and Claudio Ranieri?

At first sight

And to set the tone for this post and my thoughts on the Ranieri situation, we should talk about first impressions because they count. You can fall in love with someone at first sight or take an instant dislike to someone. There is also the chance that at first sight, there are absolutely no feelings whatsoever and I suspect that that is the most often result of meeting someone new.

Me, I try to think positive things about people when meeting them for the first time even though a lot of people I meet are trying to get something or already have an impression of me and it's not usually good. I'm writing this because we can also have feelings or expectations about Aston Villa based on our first something. And for all of us they are going to be different. We've all got a first impression about our owner too.

And my first impression of him might be wrong. I hope I am wrong, but the truth is we know little and we've had lies told to us. In China, you can probably get away with certain things but when you're talking to the British media, you can't pretend to employ 70,000 people or have controlling interests in so many companies. In China, you're probably speaking to the masses that can't go and find out if that is true or when applying for funds for a project, those things are never investigated.

But I have to base my expectations on first impressions because there isn't a second one. And for me, it's not that I think it's impossible to get promoted or even win the Premier League - I'm optimistic that with the right manager and the right strategy, it's more than possible and I'm often laughed at for thinking that. But right now, because I have that first impression of our owner, I don't think it's going to happen with him. Again, I hope I am wrong.

But that I think it's possible for Aston Villa is my ultimate first impression.

Which brings me to a statement that I made on Twitter this week about Ranieri at Leicester. If Ranieri was our manager and he came in and won us the Premier League, he could have a job for life and he could pretty much do what he wanted, when and with whoever. That was roughly what I said and I meant it.

I tweeted it because I don't see us winning the Premier League (in its current form) in my lifetime unless we have a freak season like Leicester had last season, so if last season was offered to me, but I had to accept relegation the following season and no top flight football for the next 20 years, I'd probably take it.

I'm not saying this will happen to Leicester, but I am saying that the supporters calling for him to be sacked after what he did for them last season need to take a look at themselves. What Ranieri delivered last season was nothing short of miraculous but they seem to have forgotten. Honestly, if I was a Leicester fan, I'd have walked away from football after last season because it will never, ever get any better than that.

So I'd take that one season, at a cost of all others. I wouldn't have ten years ago, but times are changing. Leicester fans will do well to remember that. And that is the reason of this post.

I had a couple of responses to that twitter statement, an email or two and even a Skype call with someone. Someone called it small club mentality and others just accepted it was never going to happen.

So let me ask you this; if you could take one season, knowing it would never happen again, would you take it?