Palace and big game at Bolton

They say football is a funny game but I'm not convinced these days. I think we make the game so complex that we find funny. We beat Everton the other day but it wasn't convincing. Against Palace at the weekend we looked lost.

Lost and not convincing. Both of these are usually attributed to teams that are playing without purpose or conviction and lacking direction. And these things have to be dealt with.

If they're not dealt with they will sack the manager, we saw that last season when the CEO said: "After a good start to last season, this year we have not seen the continuous improvement in results, performances and league position which we have all been looking for. For this reason we have decided to make a change now to allow time for a new head coach to make an impact."

So it's clear that it is results, performances and league position that count. If those things don't change for us, surely they'll make the change early to allow a new head coach time to make an impact?

When Dean Smith was sacked we were 16th with 10 points after eleven games. Today we are 13th with 3 points after three games. We can easily be better, but it has to start happening soon or I'm going to have to create another graph.

I hope they don't sack him, but I wouldn't be surprised. Recognising you made a mistake is often the hard part and I have no doubt there are growing concerns. On the other hand, you could easily argue that the manager needs time. I mean, it doesn't happen overnight. But how much time should he get?

Bolton tonight

But we have to forget about the last performance now and look at tonight. You see, the manager has spoken before about playing lots of games so I don't expect to see too many changes as he's got to fancy we have a good chance and there is not much better than that winning feeling to build continuity.

And this is a competition we can do well in. This is something we can win and it must be taken seriously. I'll be back later after I've cut the grass.