Palace in the FA Cup, James Milner for captain and John Terry, a lads lads

No news today yet, but if you didn't know, Aston Villa are the third favourites behind Chelsea and Manchester City to win the FA Cup at 5/1. Not bad odds those and with the news that we have Crystal Palace in the next round, you have to fancy our chances to progress.

I do, but I am always positive against teams in lower leagues, only because we should have enough and with our work rate, the odds should be in our favour. What I'm saying is that I expect us to beat Crystal Palace and think we will.

Milner for England Captaincy

I read an article today about Milner getting listed as a potential England captain should John Terry lose it or give it up and it did make me chuckle. Not because Milner was suggested but because the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard were also listed.

The modern footballer, earning huge amounts of cash and almost guaranteed to retire with several million in the bank, working 20 to 30 hours a week, has a lot of time on his hands and he is, when told that something leaves his system in 24 hours, going to dabble and if a fantastically beautiful pair of women throws themselves at his feet, is going to find it difficult to resist and he is going to break the rules of modern day society.

I'm not suggesting it is right, but some of these footballers are as thick as pig shit. Some don't care about getting caught, because they know it will be forgotten in a few weeks and it fundamentally isn't going to stop them still getting what they want or their life or how they live.

They know that the worst that is going to happen is the odd bit of abuse from supporters and you know what, they don't really care what we think anyway and like I've said, they know it will be soon forgotten.

I'm not saying what John Terry has done is right, I actually think it is wrong, but none of us should be surprised that this happened and none of us should think for a moment that it doesn't go on at every football club at pretty much every level in the country and that it will be going on today somewhere.

Just over ten years ago I sat in a bar with two football players and watched them systematically pop into the toilet every ten minutes. We all know what they were doing. After a few drinks and a couple of hours and when they were ready, all they had to do was phone someone to arrange a couple of girls to join them. I left them at about 8pm when they went back to their hotel rooms with the girls.

They were both married and had children. I know they are still both with their wives and I know both still do it, although neither are still in the game and it isn't as often any more, but they have nothing else to do and they have too much money.

What John Terry has done is wrong. He is a piece of shit for doing it but he isn't the first to be caught and he won't be the last. Should he lose his captaincy; I say you ask the team and with most of them probably getting up to the same thing, I wouldn't be surprised if the majority supported him. That is also wrong, but is for another post.

Question of the Day

So, that is the question of the day; should John Terry lose the England captaincy? Poll is to the right, or it will be soon and apologies if you are sick to death of this John Terry story, but we are going to find out soon if he does lose it and I'd just be interested to know what most thought.

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