Paul Lambert has potential and if there is a new owner coming in, I hope he gets a chance

This is going to wind a few people up and it's all in the title, so I'll get straight to my reasoning. And this isn't rocket science.

First up, we've got the thousands of supporters that wanted Paul Lambert. For the most part, these are the same supporters that have said, on numerous occasions, that if you buy Championship players you get Championship football.

If supporters wanted him and accept that he hasn't had that much money, or better still, spent it poorly, then why shouldn't he get a new chance, if we are to get a new owner who is willing to put more money in?

If he has spent it badly, that isn't all his fault. Sure, he might have demonstrated that he's not the best at bringing in new players, but on the budget he was on and the numbers that he wanted, maybe that only goes to show that he needed someone above him who can actually go out and bring in those players or at the very least, identify them for him.

Better still, someone that can say no. A football man that can see the bigger picture. He can't do everything and we've severely lacked that person at the club.

A supporter of another club could easily come to the conclusion that based on the players brought into the club the last two seasons, we were actually quite fortunate to stay in the league.

But here is another reason; we've seen glimpses of good football and we've also seen little runs of good football. If we can improve the overall quality of the starting eleven and that doesn't mean eleven new players, but three or four, I firmly believe we can be challenging for the top four because we have a foundation now.

But you'll think I'm mad. But I'm not necessarily saying that it would be with Lambert also. I'm just saying maybe, just maybe, if there is a new owner coming in willing to invest in becoming a great footballing club again, then maybe Lambert should get his chance.

Everton were one or maybe two players away from it this season and I'm not saying we'll be challenging for the title next season, not unless the new owner comes in and makes available the huge amount of cash we'd need, but I am saying with the right money spent, we can challenge for top four and believe it's a realistic possibility.

We're not as far away from Everton as the table suggests and we have had a horrid season.

And, even though Lambert was never my choice or on a list in my head, I do think the players like him and I do think, with a few better players and the right approach to coaching (hopefully changing), tactics and understanding what is needed from each game and how we can get it, he could be the man.

I wrote a few weeks ago that for me, he gets until October. I stand by that and I hope, if we get a new owner, he gets a chance too. Sadly, if a new owner is coming and this is a deal that is well and truly in the works, there is every chance the new owner has someone lined up.

It would just be nice if he got his chance because there is potential with Lambert and that is, something I think we can all agree on, if you consider what he's had to deal with and what the rumoured potential is.

He would have learnt a lot the last two years and I just don't think it would be fair if he didn't get a proper go, especially with the potential of our club.