Paul Lambert should be sacked in the morning

What do you want me to write that isn't in the title? Do you want me to tell you that over two games we couldn't beat a Division 4 side, but it's okay because we won one of them .. just?

I'm sorry, but tonight isn't a freak result, it's just our season and what we have to look forward to under this manager and unless something happens, as in the manger is sacked, we are in serious trouble.

Tonight was nothing. Tonight was embarrassing. Tonight was simply not good enough.

This manager, meant in the nicest possible way, isn't capable of managing a Premier League side. He has to go and he has to go now. There were too many basic mistakes tonight.

And I'm not exaggerating, we are in serious trouble. We've won five of the last 39 games and if anyone tries to tell you that isn't relegation football they're a clown.

And for all the keeping of the ball, we also hit long. For all the opportunities we create (and only one side in the Premier League creates less clear cut chances than us), we miss so many by having no width. And lastly, for all the managerial ability Paul Lambert has, I really do think I could do just as well.

This is just proof

And tonight was just proof of what we've seen throughout the season. We are a Premier League side and our Reserve side should beat Bradford. And call me up on that please, because we should and I'd love a fight right about now.

This is not Aston Villa. This is not something we should happily accept.

We played long ball football tonight. We had zero width. We looked like a Championship side and if we don't do something soon, that is exactly where we could see ourselves next season.