Playing for fun, playing for something serious and hoping for a visit

I wrote on Twitter after the match that we couldn't even beat a team of hungover players. Some took that literally, in so much I thought the Liverpool players were out on the town the night before still celebrating.

What I actually meant was that we couldn't even get to 30% possession against a side that were essentially playing for fun, when we are fighting for survival. And I do think we've forgotten how to win and if it happens again this season, I think it will be because we got lucky.

And luck presents itself in many ways. It could be the side we are playing is having an off day. It could be that the side we are playing all came down with food poisoning. It could be that we hit one of those long balls, the wind catches it and it bounces over the keeper in the 3rd minute and we defend for the last 87.

And the way we are playing at the moment, we're going to need that luck, because we are not doing what we need to do to win. We're not holding on to the ball, playing passes to an actual player and creating real chances. We're hitting hopeful crosses and passes, we're taking a punt and we're not creating, for a side fighting relegation, enough opportunities where we force the keeper make a save.

I know it's easy to write this, but we're not doing any of what we should be doing to score those goals. If we score more goals, we'll likely win more games and if we win more games, you'll like see that the keeper had to make more saves, that we made more successful passes and we had more possession.

And I'm over simplifying things, but football isn't rocket science and it's when managers try to over complicate things, that things go wrong. It's why Gareth Southgate is a good England manager and will be a poor Club manager.

Manchester United up next

So we turn our attention to Thursday and we are playing a team playing for something. The difference between playing Europa League football or a chance to play in the Champions League. We know for sure that Manchester United are going to throw everything at us and we also know that when that happens, we're not at our best.

Lady Luck could decide to turn up, but we really have to hope that Watford lose to Norwich today and West Ham lose against Burnley tomorrow. If they both win, we're going to need something special to happen with the remaining four games. But if something special does happen, this could be the season you are telling your grandchildren about in years to come.

Football isn't rocket science and this season isn't over yet. Despite what happens today, tomorrow and Thursday. But we do need Lady Luck.