Points or games, Telegram and happy Sunday

Everyone knows I like numbers. Numbers for me are everything. Numbers tell us what happened and they'll also tell us what will happen. And I like our numbers at the moment. We've played 15 games, have 26 points and as I write this post we're tenth in the table.

Leicester, who have played three more games and sit second in the table have 35 points. We win our three games and we'll also have 35 points, but we will go above them. Or, if we look at Chelsea, who have also played 18 games, they have 29 points. So if we win one of our games, we go above them.

Now, I'd rather have the points than the games in hand, but we've carved out this opportunity this season and we have to take the opportunities. And this season, we're quite good at taking the opportunities we create for ourselves. In my line of work, creating the opportunities is the hard work and while I'm not writing I think we'll win all three games, I am thinking we have a very good chance.

That written, it's another Sunday without football for us, so we don't really have that much to look forward to. I'll be tuning in to the Liverpool match later, because I think it's going to be a dull game and that usually means it isn't so I don't want to miss out.

I've also created a public Telegram group where Aston Villa news is shared. Handy if you're using Telegram. If you think there should be anything we send to that channel, let me know and I'll get it done.

Other than that, I'm about done for today. Need to get to bed early, so going to have a couple of beers. Happy Sunday.