Quick update, Christmas market and road to the final

I've really enjoyed the World Cup. I think it was better when we had four games day, but I've also enjoyed switching between matches the last few days. But I've not had a good World Cup with my bets. I'm in chase mode now and that's never good.

But while the World Cup is on, the team are had at it and getting ready for when the season starts and that's what it's all about. And there is a lot of speculation.

And you know what we think of speculation here. So back to the World Cup. After Poland played Argentina, Emi took Cash to the tunnel and brought out the shirt worn by Messi. Nice touch that from Emi and he continues to surprise and he continues to show on the pitch why we're so lucky to have him.

So any speculation suggesting the manager is interested in someone else, should be dismissed.

So back to the World Cup. England face Senegal tomorrow and a logical person would say we have to fancy our chances, but I fancied our chances against the USA and I'm sure Germany, Belgium and Mexico fancied doing better too, so I'm not convinced. But I am quietly confident.

If anything in this tournament we've seen that it doesn't matter how big the team is, anyone can be beat on the day, so it's going to be tough and because we're now in the knockout rounds, we have to go out to win every day. We can't play like we did against the USA again. We have to go out there to win. I know it sounds silly writing it, but if we don't, we've seen that anyone can be beaten.

And just because I am the optimist, I've had a look at who we could be playing if we do win tomorrow.

So if we win, we play the winner of France and Poland and I'd like to say Poland, but I fancy France will win that. So lets say it's France. Whoever wins that match will be playing Spain, Portugal, Switzerland or Morocco and I don't want to guess from that. I don't think anyone would have predicted that Morocco would win their group, Spain look very good on the ball and I don't think you can write off Portugal.

So if we beat Senegal and France or Poland, the semi final will likely be as tough, if not tougher. It's a great World Cup.

And if this post feels like it's ending early, it's because I've just been brought breakfast in bed. Christmas market for me today, followed by early match in the pub, an Indian and then a walk home in the snow. Have a good one everyone.