Randy Lerner on his jet plane and Aston Villa need to win eight and draw eight to stay up

I've read it in the Telegraph but I'm not sure if that means anything anymore. But they're writing that Lerner has flown to meet Rémi Garde and the impression is that they want him in next week. Yes, this is very interesting.

But we're bottom of the Premier League and Rémi Garde has three season of management experience and none in this country. Am I the only one that thinks this is a massive massive gamble?

Let me put things into perspective. We have four points from a possible thirty. There are 84 points left to play for. If we accept 36 as been enough to stay up, which is generous but possible, we're going to need to pick up 32 points. That is 10 wins and two draws. But that doesn't sound right. So how about it's eight wins and 8 draws from 28 games.

We basically need to win, lose and draw and repeat that for the rest of the season. Am I the only one that thinks it's a big ask for someone that has never managed in the Premier League or ever had to deal with a team in this type of fight?

It's probably just me

The thing is, we've got some decent players. Maybe we just need Garde to come in and bring them up to speed with the modern game and it will be enough. I'm probably worrying for nothing. He'll probably come in and get Guzan playing well, drop Richards and have us playing the type of football that we can be happy with.

In two or three seasons we could be challenging for a European place. I mean, that is why we're going for someone with only three years management experience and why we've picked someone that actually made the club he was managing not as good as they were and better after he left. You've got to be talented to do that.

I'd have loved someone like Garde to have been given the summer. Bringing him in now is a massive gamble. Fortunately, because we now know we need to win and draw eight matches, we'll know quite soon if he is up for it.

Bets of the day

I had a few bets today and they're up. I'm soon going to just pick random teams or met my six year old daughter pick teams. I might as well as my picks are bloody awful this season. I'm going to get back to watching Liverpool lose.