Time for Lerner to act because Sherwood and Fox aren't. And Collymore, again

I read something on Twitter yesterday; no team with four or less points at this stage of the season has survived in the Premier League. I'm taking it with a pinch of salt, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was true.

And you all know I like Sherwood and it's sad that it hasn't worked for him. But he should never have been given the job in the first place and as I wrote, it's inevitable he's going to go.

The worrying part in all of this is that it should have happened already and serious questions have to be asked about why the club have not acted. Every day they don't act, it's more of a worry and I can't understand why they haven't. I'm starting to think they're not doing it, even though they know they have to, just to not lose face. This is one of those moments where they've just got to act, it will end up okay and by not acting, it's just making it worse. When they've done it, they'll know they should have done it ages ago.

There is more worry too. The man we need is probably the man they don't want. I'd imagine that David Moyes wont take the job unless he has final say on all things football and it appears as if the people we have at the club at the moment seem to think that they should be involved.

And pundits will come out and say they think Sherwood is the man for the job but not one of them can give a reason why. And while none of them will say he's got to go when he's sacked they'll all say it was coming.

Hopefully the club can get David Moyes; he's a real manager and that is something Aston Villa have lacked for a few years now. I can't think of anyone else that they should be going for. Not when you look at the position we are in and the options. It's David Moyes and they should be out there doing all they can to make it happen.

Mr Lerner, if you ever had any feelings for this club, do the right thing. Scrap that, if you do want to sell the club, appoint the man Sir Alex thought good enough to take Manchester United forward. Moyes will then have November and December to identify what he needs and then January to bring in what he needs to keep us up and develop the club.

From around the web

  • Collymore is at it again - thing thing with Collymore is that none of it is new and it's often wrong. Almstadt is not the Director of Football and most of what he said on the radio, you've read here months ago. Collymore ends his rant by saying; Lerner, Fox, Almstadt and Riley - if Tim Sherwood goes, you go as well. What does Collymore expect? Will Lerner fire Sherwood, then the other three, then himself. Collymore baffles me and I'm starting to suspect he has an agenda. The simple truth is, if we had a proper manager, then Fox, Almstadt and Riley would be supporting the manager because that's what he'd have them do. We don't have a proper manager so they get away with what they can - just like Collymore does. Can Collymore not see this? I don't think Collymore is as stupid as he is looking at the moment, hence why I think he has an agenda. It's about having a proper football manager at the club. Get that and Fox and his two musketeers will be put in their rightful supporting position.
  • Guardian write about bleak future for Sherwood - they know the score.
  • BBC interview with Sherwood - we all know this look and this bravado. Sherwood is holding on and he knows what is coming. It's sad to watch a man like this. Especially after he promised us the win.

Sunday bets

Right, you all know I lost again yesterday, so you probably don't want to be following my bets, but if you are I apologise. If you're not and you're like me thinking my luck has to change sometime, then today I'm having a little wager on Spurs to win and Newcastle and Sunderland to draw.

And on that. Who do you think will be the next manager and when do you think Sherwood will get the sack tomorrow?