Remember what Paul Faulkner did and Newcastle at the weekend

At times, I can write some blarney. I can also not write anything, like when we signed that player from Lazio, I pretty much left my opinion of him on Twitter, because hands up, I knew nothing about him.

It's also because it's going to take time. He might settle straight away and score three this weekend against Championship side Newcastle, but he might just as easily not score for the rest of the season. It's not about this season and I've written this before, but for me, it's not about the players.

Sure, I get excited by some. In April last year I tweeted something about how Andreas Weimann will be a great player one day and I only remember this because somebody favourited it earlier today.

I also want them to do well, but for the most part, they are transient figures and here is something that will surprise some, Gabby is growing on me and I love it when he gets the ball.

But only since he started to play consistently on the left. Ironic isn't it how that drum is banged and banged and everyone thinks I'm mad ....

I can get away with it too

And you know what wound someone up the other day? I can write the word 'shit', but in the comments the word isn't allowed. It's all about context and because I trust myself to use it not calling someone a shit, even if what I'm about to write reads like a pop at someone, it honestly really isn't.

And here it is and Stu, you know I'm a big fan, but come on as the main man, you have to control voice and reason and know when something isn't right. Every newspaper, magazine and even website or blog should stand for something ... and some things are unforgivable, regardless of what is offered in penance.

There was a post last night published on AVillaFan, a great forum for Aston Villa fans and one that I've watched grow up (and it's also one of those that will stay around and it's good for Aston Villa), but the post last night just didn't seem right.

It started with the title; Paul Faulkner: Mastermind at Villa. That got me concerned, thinking that maybe Stu had had his site hacked and then when I clicked the link it was a 404 error page, so maybe he had, but a few minutes later it appeared. Before again vanishing when I looked for it this morning. But it is back now, under a new title.

But it wasn't just the title, it started like this ...

Many would consider him a pantomime villain. But for me, Paul Faulkner is winning Villa fans over every day. Mr Faulkner has been the main man, while Randy Lerner is away in the states. He’s pulled off a number of transfer deals with…

And that was when I stopped. Paul Faulkner is the man that appointed Alex McLeish as manager of Aston Villa. Paul Faulkner crept into your house while you were asleep, stood over you in bed and took a dump.

Paul Faulkner slept with your wife or husband, you know what I mean and expects an apology to be good enough. He nearly tore your family apart and thinks it okay.

Paul Faulkner is a HR man or if you want to put it another way, the monkey and not the organ grinder. And I really do mean for you to follow those links, as it's not just my view that forms my opinion, it's others too. But how easily we forget.

Newcastle on Saturday

And I'm sorry I went in to that. The fact that I'm linking to AVillaFan should suggest that I care, it's not that I'm having a pop. I enjoy 99% of that site and all of what I read from Dave in the past, but I suspect he had a motive when writing that piece and I suspect that is why he changed the title.

It's just that there is a feel good factor at the moment and there is nothing wrong with that, but how many times over the past six or seven season have we felt this? Surely we should know better?

If we don't beat Newcastle at the weekend and we really should be beating Newcastle at the weekend, then there will be a mass realisation that for all the good feeling about the club at the moment, that is all it is; a feeling.

But, I do think we'll beat Newcastle at the weekend and I think we could win at a canter and I might even get carried away for a few days, but I'm not going to start putting down what the manager is doing, because the owner lets him, down to Paul Faulkner, the guy that slept with my brothers wife and yours.

More on Newcastle later in the week and sorry for the opinion above but with so little happening at Aston Villa at the moment, it's tough to make stuff up or to form an opinion on everything.

Hopefully after this international break we can get back to the serious business of proper football and long may it continue. Preview coming up on Friday and Stu, lvoe the site, but mastermind at Villa? Monkey more like.