Right or wrong for Aston Villa, he's in and he's saying all the right things

If a year ago you wrote that Leicester would win the league, you'd have been considered a mad man. Our new owner is saying we can win the Champions League inside 10 years and some are laughing. I'm not. And I never laughed at Champions League in five years under Lerner.

But I ridiculed that General for saying it and mostly because if you are going to say something like that, you have to also act like it. We never really acted like it under Lerner although for the first couple of seasons we did give it a very good try.

So it's going to be an interesting few weeks. One thing is for sure, you cant say all the things our new owner has said, not deliver and expect things to be okay. And delivering isn't that we get promoted next season, that is sort of expected. Delivering is providing the tools for Di Matteo and Clark to make it happen. And that has to happen soon.

What's needed

And I got into a debate on Twitter yesterday with someone calling for sustained investment. When I questioned him, it turned out what he wanted was for the owner to spend more each season than we make. It wasn't about bringing in better players or progressing as a Football Club. And it scares me that people see two words and one of them they know, so they want it.

Aston Villa do not need sustained investment. Aston Villa need to get better. And last season we saw that it's not about money, it's about football, the players, the manager and the team. Throwing money at it is the old way of doing things. Yes, you might have to spend to bring in a player or two that is going to make you stronger, but it's not about throwing money at things. Aston Villa must adapt or die. The new way isn't about just spending money. It's about so much more.

And with that, we're also going to see if happens, quite soon, so there is no hiding.

The right man or not

So, is Xia right or wrong doesn't matter right now. We are going to find out soon enough. I for one hope he is right but I also hope we do it like Leicester, rather than Manchester City or Chelsea, but that's just me. I'll not complain if we do it the other way, because those are the rules and it's part of the game. I just might like the game a little less.