Robbie Savage making friends, business isn't done and Manchester United under the lights

I know and understand that Robbie Savage isn't well loved by Aston Villa fans, but there is one thing as football supporters we can't all disagree on and that's that his 606 show with Darren Fletcher is a very good show and in all fairness, he's not such a bad pundit and there are plenty others far worse than him. And I've had my run ins with him on Twitter, all fair banter and when the dust settles, he just gets on with it.

And seeing as it's back to work for me today, driving to the airport I put on the 606 podcast from the weekend, only to learn a few minutes in there was a special one last Thursday. And in that show, Robbie Savage basically says he is looking forward to watching Aston Villa this season and thought we could be the surprise package. And while Robbie Savage has thick skin, Aston Villa fans have long memories, but this will go some way with some.

But the point in bringing this up is that he's not wrong. We are an unknown quantity and not just because of the players we brought in, but because it's the managers first full season as a Premier League manager. But if you look at the statistics from last season; a win percentage of 47.06%, if he manages that this season with all 38 games, we're going to get enough points to finish ninth (based on last seasons table). When you add the 5.88% of matches that ended in draws, we would have finished 8th.

And you've got to fancy that the manager, now with his winners in the team, might even get to the same percentages that he had at Spurs. And if that happens, who knows. And it all begins again on Friday against Manchester United.

Under the lights

I write that it all begins again, because that is how we need to approach each match. Manchester United at Villa Park will be different to Bournemouth away and the manager will have learnt something from the weekend.

And we all know there is something special about Villa Park under the floodlights. When I was a kid, I used to love mid-week games and I had this thing, that if it was raining, we'd win. Don't ask me where that came from or even if it's true and it might have only happened once, but it's just something I had that gave me a belief. Can someone somewhere look at the statistics for midweek night games and find out how many we have won, lost and drawn?

And we might just have a new player or two making an appearance on Friday - it could be a special night.

Business isn't done yet

I'm not following up on the story that I just read about Adama Traoré, I'm just saying that it's not all done yet. Tim Sherwood wants to break the all time summer transfer window activity record. I'm not sure what it is, but I do have a feeling that there is money for him. Spend this summer is pretty much zero, give or take and depending on the reports you read and I think Lerner will make funds available for the right player.

I have no evidence to base this on other than Lerner has always done right by Aston Villa and if there was ever a time to bring in a player or two more, this is it because the damage, if there was to be any damage by making so many changes has happened.

So, don't be surprised if something happens this week but you can probably bet your mortgage that more will be happening by the time this window closes.