Robbie Savage, some things take time and the NextGen Series

Writing how we're in trouble isn't news to anyone. Writing how important the Stoke match also isn't news to anyone either. Defeat to Liverpool was a kick in the teeth though and maybe that needs to be written.

But what doesn't need to be written and promoted by the BBC is child like opinion on the state of a Football Club. Yes, I'm referring to Robbie Savage and his post, coincidentally published extremely quick after the Liverpool game, about how passing and possession is not helping us.

How many weeks do you think he was sitting on that? Had we beaten or not lost to Liverpool, how many more weeks would he have had to sit on it?

It's about more than just a season

The thing is, we've all heard Robbie Savage and we know he can string a sentence or three together, but we also know he's not, deep down, that smart. That might be wrong, he isn't a thinker. Smart is too broad a term and I don't want him to think he isn't good at some things.

But it was Chris Bevan that translated what Robbie 'wanted' to say and put it into words. Robbie is just a face they put to it, but this is where the BBC have to take responsibility. If you're going to use a so called pundit, use one that is balanced.

Robbie is looking at a whole season of statistics to suggest that passing and possession isn't working for us, but surely as someone that was in the game, he would know that just because a manager tries something new it doesn't mean that you start to see the benefits instantly.

Last season we were seeing 200+ successful passes a game and this season we are seeing 300+ successful passes a game. Granted this isn't every game, but it's most and it is getting better as the season goes on and Robbie will argue that the passing isn't helping us but I'd say actually, our game is getting better and of late, the results have shown that.

As someone that was rejected as a player and had to play for several managers, I honestly thought Robbie Savage would have known that things don't happen overnight at a Premier League Football Club.

Maybe he doesn't know that this is Lamberts first season at Aston Villa or that we had Alex McLeish (possibly the worst manager the Premier League has ever seen) managing things last season.

Maybe, in the world of Robbie, he just has to snap his fingers and things happen. In the real world, things don't happen like that because we don't all have £10mn in the bank.

What pissed me off more than Robbie Savage though is that the BBC allow him this mouthpiece. And it isn't just him. They spend so much money on dross, just because they were successful in the game. Look at the most successful managers in Premier League; none of them were any good as players; maybe the BBC need to take stock.

Moving on

Right, I've said what I wanted to say this morning. Robbie Savage isn't a twat thought, so don't get carried away. He's just what people would have referred to as the village idiot 300 years ago.

But yes, it was a horrible defeat and Stoke is important and that is almost about it.

NextGen Series

Before I go though a hat tip to the youngsters at Aston Villa who yesterday beat Chelsea in the final of the NextGen Series. It's a big thing as all teams taking part take it seriously and to win anything, ask Robbie about this, is an important thing as a player.