Robbie Savage was nearly right and is football now just about entertainment?

I'll get to Savage later, but I will say he was wrong last season but that I was mostly annoyed at him sitting on a story to use about the club rather, than his prediction that we'd go down.

But more on that later, now to the post, which also sort of sits with Savage and his sidekick, Darren Fletcher and I should start by telling you that I'm getting a bit old and busy so I download podcasts these days as I don't have time to listen to the radio when I'd like to. And their show at the weekend is basically what this post is about.

I listen to it on the way into the office on a Monday and on the show at the weekend, they came to the conclusion that supporters want to be entertained. I'm sorry, I don't believe that is the case and if football is just about entertainment, I think that's it for me. And all this stems from a West Ham fan or three calling in.

Okay, I feel for West Ham fans getting stuck with Sam Allardyce and the long ball football, but have they forgotten that he was the manager that got them back up?

Before Allardyce, West Ham had Zola then Grant and those two tried to play the football the way West Ham fans say they want today, but you could easily argue that it was both of them that relegated West Ham in the first place and I recall plenty of supporters wanting Zola out in the end too.

Football is about winning first. If it's entertaining, that's a bonus.

That's entertainment

But I can understand West Ham fans wanting something more than what Sam Allardyce delivers, but I don't think that West Ham fans just want entertaining football. I think like all football fans, we want to see football played the right way because this isn't the 80's or 90's and football has to be played a certain way if you're to progress.

But it's not about entertainment. Sure, it's a bonus, but if West Ham were challenging for a European place or playing in the FA Cup Final, would they be complaining? I'm sure some would and that we'll have a West Ham supporter suggesting they would, but I'm not entirely convinced.

And again, I understand. If you were to look at West Ham a few years ago you would basically align them with as much opportunity as Newcastle and certainly more than the likes of say Southampton. Just as Aston Villa fans would have easily lined ourselves up with the likes of Everton and say we should have as much opportunity as them.

And the thing is, when West Ham fans look at what has happened at Palace since Pulis took over, you can understand why they are frustrated and you can also understand why we as Aston Villa fans want more. But didn't the away supporters at Norwich cheering for Lambert know what was coming?

My point is, if Everton can seriously challenge for top four this season, there is no reason Aston Villa can't with the right manager. Something I've tried to get across for years, but apparently I live in a dream world. It isn't and that is what we all want. Not entertainment. We want to progress and get better and sadly, I accept that finishing in the top four is part of that progress.

Robbie Savage

Which brings me back the 606 phone-in and my final point, maybe. There was a call at the weekend where an Aston Villa supporter suggested that other Aston Villa supporters had a part to play in all this and I sort of agree with him.

Why supporters called for Lambert, still baffles me and this supporter in the phone-in made a good point; we could end up like Sheffield Wednesday if we're not careful.

Lambert was a one season Premier League manager who like many others, did okay with is first attempt, but did so playing a certain way with a certain amount of optimism. Should we really be surprised where we are today especially considering the players we have brought in and the style of football he played at Norwich?

The owner and CEO are ultimately to blame though. They hired McLeish before him and because of one season and possibly because a few thousand supporters all sang his name, appointed Lambert. I'm not blaming supporters, to some extent just confirming where the problem is for us, but also that as supporters we have a responsibility. Why oh why did we sing for a one season wonder?

West Ham fans knew what was coming with Allardyce and maybe they accepted it as part of getting back into the Premier League. Now they're not happy. But they're not happy because they're not playing entertaining football. they're not happy because they will not progress under Allardyce.

West Ham fans are not happy, much like Aston Villa fans, because like us they believe something can happen. Look at what Everton have done this season playing the right style of football and look at Liverpool, they've gone from seventh to challengers.

To progress the football is vital and football fans know this. It's not about entertaining football, it's about developing the football and winning games. It's about moving in the right direction.

West Ham fans want Allardyce gone because they believe they can be develop and become better, just like we believe the same as Aston Villa fans. Like I said, if West Ham were winning most games 1-0 playing this style of football and challenging for a European place, they'd be reluctantly happy. Hell, we'd be happy and you know what, if it brought silverware, I'd be happy.

Or should we all believe that Chelsea want to get rid of Mourinho?

Aston Villa supporters (not all) want Lambert gone because they believe Aston Villa Football Club can be great again and we know that for that to happen the football has to be played a certain way. Entertainment is important, but I think you get entertainment as a byproduct of playing football the right way and ultimately entertainment comes from silverware.

But Savage was nearly right last season and if anything his prediction then has shown that Savage knew something that many Aston Villa supporters didn't; Lambert was a massive risk and it's looking like it's not going to pay off.

Me, I'd still give him to October, just because for me that would be absolutely every possible chance, but I think if we stay up and there is a new owner, Lambert will be off and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened after we beat Hull at the weekend.

So on that, I'm going to leave you. A hat tip to Robbie Savage and Darren Fletcher for a great show, but they got it wrong on Saturday. Football fans want to win games first and entertainment second, maybe even third after seeing the progress. But Savage was nearly right about Lambert.

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So, something I've not done in a while a question; if you had to prioritise things as a supporter of Aston Villa, what would it be. Thing of words like entertainment, progress and silverware but add in any other word you want to add. You know my view, but I'd like to know yours too.