Sack Lambert, back him or sack Faulkner? Lerner is going nowhere

Right, last night is out of the way and I've had time to reflect. Paul Lambert has also had time to churn out the classics and after sitting on the bench for ninety minutes last night, looking and I say this because it really is the best way to describe how he looked, lost, he seems to be very confident we will turn it around at Villa Park.

And the thing is, we should turn this around at Villa Park, if only because we should have spanked them last night, even with our horrible form. They're a DIvision Four side and we should have won.

But we didn't and that is the problem so last night I went to bed listening to the radio and reading the site and visiting forums and there seems to be three general thoughts.

  • 1. Sack Lambert now while we have a chance of saving our season as he is clearly out of his depth.
  • 2. Get rid of Lerner and or Faulkner.
  • 3. Back the manager, he'll get it right. This isn't getting as much support as I thought it would.

In response

First things first and I've written this recently, but Lambert was a gamble and it looks like it isn't working out. I'd never have employed him but have Premier League experience, in my view, is blinkered and it wouldn't or shouldn't have been a pre-requisite to getting the job.

The thing is, when you are in a card game you sometimes have to have big balls of steel when the stakes are taken to the next level. Maybe now isn't the time to fold.

As for getting rid of Lerner and or Faulkner, this is something that baffles me, it really does. First, Lerner owns the club, it isn't about getting rid of him, but I did warn everyone about this years ago.

I wrote on numerous occasions what was happening and all I got was stick. Well, it turns out that actually, Lerner is only here for the money, he has no interest and if we are not careful, he will ruin our club. Roots and branch change, be careful what you wish for .. what other platitudes (think I can use this word here) are we going to hear?

As for Faulkner. CEO's grow on trees, especially those without experience of the Premier League and judging by some of the noises coming out of Villa Park, I'd say we need change and we need new direction internally. He got it so wrong with the last manager, it is starting to look like he got it so wrong with this one and not much, seriously, very little, has really changed since FitzGerald left.

Lastly, in response to what I'm reading and having to back the manager, I think it comes down to the card game I wrote about above and something I wrote last night. If we were guaranteed Premier League football next season, I'd say keep him and let him try without question.

But the thing is, we are one of the three worst sides in the Premier League and yes, we need some experience, but don't we have that readily available? How old is Warnock? How old is El Ahmadi? How old is Darren Bent? How old is Stephen Ireland? How old is Gabby Agbonlahor? How old is Shay Given?

I agree, we need something else on the pitch, but that is only because certain players don't look up for it, but that responsibility is with the man that brought them to the club or is responsible for how the play and their attitude.

For me, Lambert is the man because I think Lerner has let the club slip so far that if we get rid of him, unless we've got the next man lined up (something I've written about so many times now and I'm convinced we don't do it), it could actually be the final nail in the coffin. But if I was Randy Lerner, I'd be making that list now, because in this league, if you finish bottom, you leave it.

And to add insult to injury, we lost 4-0 to Peterborough in the FA Youth Cup yesterday.