Saturday again, Sherwood, Jack, Traoré and a look at Stoke

It's been a busy week. So busy that I've not even looked at any news or website remotely connected to Aston Villa so if I've missed something big, I apologise. But I don't think anything could have happened that was bigger than three points tomorrow, so I think I*m all good.

I did watch the football last night and on Monday though and for those that are following my bets, you'll be pleased to know that I backed Everton, so I've broken my losing streak and I'm preparing to spend all the winnings from that match this weekend. This weekend will be the one where I start earning money or I stop betting for the season.

But what I have done this week, is read a few of the comments. Things are not reading too good for Sherwood. And you know what, I'm not surprised, but this Saturday, he can turn it all around. Sherwood is in the fortunate position that he's liked so he can turn it around every week. The thing is with football is that that changes all too quickly and I must admit that the image on the front page linking to this article doesn't help him. And I apologise, but that's just me.

More than Tim at Stoke

And the likes of Jack Grealish can help his manager against Stoke. I mention him, because I think he's made a mistake selecting England and I hope he changes his mind. And it's nothing to do with Jack - he has as much chance of getting into the England squad as the Irish squad, it's for purely selfish reasons in so much he'll get his head turned like so many other players have as soon as they get picked for England. But I could be wrong and he could be about to sign a career contract.

I made that career contract thing up, but why doesn't someone at the club. Link his pay to games and the highest earner at the club. If he's good enough he earns. If he loves Aston Villa, he and his family need never work again and they'll live like kings. I mean, there are no incentives anymore.

But it's not just about Jack. I fancy Traoré will play a role this weekend and I think it's going to be an important one. Important because we're not exactly getting spanked. We're losing by the odd goal and we all know that it can come down to one player inspiring the others. I hope he plays, because if he is the player we all hope for, he could be the one that keeps Sherwood in a job.

The match tomorrow is massive for this manager and not just because it's a local match, but because it's Stoke and they're one place and two points above us. If the shit really hits the fan we could go bottom. Fortunately, there isn't much chance of that because Newcastle and Sunderland are looking really bad. But defeat could see us needing more than just a win to get out of the relegation zone and when you're in that place so early in the season, it's only a matter of time before the shit does hit it.

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