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Season nearly over, dead man talking and summer speculation

The last game of the season is nearly upon us and I for one am looking forward to the free weekends for once. I'm not looking forward to all the speculation, but I might get involved in that when the new manager is announced - only because it will be interesting again.

But, I will say this; I know a lot of people are going to be happy that McLeish is gone, me included, but we shouldn't gloat or harp on about it. We should just let it happen and move on. Somethings, like this season, are best forgotten.

But some things I am not going to get involved in are ridiculous rumours, such as the one about the Holte End getting renamed. Please, come on. That isn't going to happen. Sure, one day the stadium might get renamed, but so what, it is only for publicity, will bring in cash and are you ever going to stop calling it Villa Park?

Digging your own grave

But I want to leave this quick post with some thoughts on this manager. Why does he say the things he says? yesterday he came out with a great quote about how he has carried the burden for this season and that the players have to pull their fingers out for next?

I know he has to talk as if he is in a job next season - he can't say that he doesn't know, after all he has a contract so the natural defence is to talk about next season and hope it happens, but even so, you can not not take responsibility for the football and results when you are the manager.

Much like whoever forced through his appointment can not hide behind the decision, that surprised the footballing community as a whole.